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How to Choose And Wear Lace Men’s Toupee?

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Lace men’s toupee is very popular now throughout the world. Full lace toupee is made of Indian real men’s hair or Chinese hair. The lace is generally 64# net, which is imported from Switzerland. This lace material is characterized by delicate, strong, and durable mashes, but its disadvantage is higher hardness. There are three general colors: light brown, medium brown, and dark brown.

Lace toupee, which is the amount of real hair hooked on the lace net (that is, it is very thin and evenly distributed with some very small meshes) There are two common types are Swiss lace and French lace. Usually, there is an elastic net at the top of the head, which can be used to adapt to different hair types, and basically, it is a lace headgear made of real hair.

A lace toupee or front lace toupee is a special wig made on a transparent lace base. The front lace wig is hand-woven with real hair on a transparent lace base. The bottom of the full-lace toupee is entirely lace, while the front-lace wig only has transparent lace on the hairline part. The rest is made of non-fragile material, which is better than lace and cannot bear tearing.

Lace toupees are expensive hair replacement products. The headgear should be glued to one's scalp, and it should last for a moderate time. For example, the wearer can take a bath, swim, and take part in strenuous sports with a toupee.

Let’s talk about some common problems when men are wearing their toupees.

Why lace mens toupee fell off on the ground?

That’s probably because you comb your toupee too hard or too frequently. Secondly, it is for over styling or using too harsh shampoo and low-quality conditioner. Cheap toupees are also easy to get hair loss. You will pay for it if you buy a cheap toupee.

How do a toupee store?

You could put it into a plastic bag or on a toupee stand. Please keep away from children and pets.

How can I release my toupee? My toupee is frizzy, it looks messy.

You can untie the hair gently with your hands and use a conditioner when needed.

I don't have a toupee stand. What can I use to dry my wig?

You can use an appropriately sized round object (try a balloon), which is tall enough to prevent it from being touched by children. Make sure the toupee fits snugly around it to prevent it from stretching or sagging.

What kind of shampoo is the best for toupee washing?

Toupees (wigs) should only be washed with a special shampoo for toupees (wigs). The ordinary shampoo will damage the hair.

Can I use the water spray on my toupee?

Of course, you can, but do not spray too much water on your toupee. Because too much water will make your toupee too heavy to clean and damage your toupee.

Why does the end of my toupee become curly?

This is most likely due to frequent use or too aggressive combing. Toupees are fragile and you need to handle them very carefully.

Can I cut my toupee like cut my real hair?

Yes, you can. But remember, be careful, it won’t grow again like your real hair.

Can I use curling irons on my toupee (wig)?

It depends on the type of toupee (wig). When you buy a wig, you should be able to check whether the wig is heat-resistant. Then, you should be able to use the curling iron without any problems.

If you are not sure whether your toupee (wig) is heat-resistant. It is better to avoid curling irons and buy a new toupee (wig) that can withstand high temperatures.

In addition to the problems mentioned above, there are many other problems when wearing lace men’s toupees. When we are facing these other problems, don't blindly think of ways to damage your toupee, and check the Internet for more professional solutions.

For most men who need to wear a toupee, the hairstyle of the toupee is very important. Therefore, when buying a toupee in a professional toupee shop, pay attention to whether the hair quality of the wig is stiff and the quality is good.

When budget allows, it is best to choose a high-end customized toupee.


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