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How to Make A Choice between Lace vs Poly Hair System?

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The lace vs poly hair system, which one is better? In fact, as popular products solving the problem of hair loss, they have their advantages and disadvantages. Today, we take you to look at the differences between them and provide you with some tips on how to properly clean them. 

There are different names of hair systems because their base materials are different. It is common for new buyers to be confused about the differences between lace and poly hair systems. We will introduce them one by one in the following article so that you can know which hair replacement system suits you the best. 

Lace base hair system

Lace hair is particularly soft and light. It works well in ventilation. So you will not feel discomfort and the hair system can be attached to your head firmly even though you sweat a lot. It provides a perfect solution to cover baldness. At the same time, you do not have to give up an active lifestyle. You can wear it all the time while working or exercising. 

Besides, the look it offers is very natural and undetectable. There are Swiss and French, the most common two hair systems. The Swiss one is even softer. However, the average lace base hair replacement though finely made is not as durable as a thin skin hair system. 

To satisfy the delicacy, certain durability is compromised. Therefore, nowadays many toupees will combine lace and other materials to improve their longevity and enhance their performance.

The hairpieces of a lace system are generally stitched to the base by human hands. The carefully-made process means that the price of a lace system will not be cheap. 

Polybase hair system

A poly base is not as flexible and airy as the lace one, but it can also handle sweat. The surface of a ploy hair system is impervious, leading to its water-resistant quality. It is more durable and capable of bearing a heavier density of hair. The hair system is welcomed for its long longevity and easy application. 

Tips on cleaning the lace and poly hair systems

Then, lace vs poly hair system, which one is easy to be cleaned? Based on our introduction, I believe you can get the right answer. That is the poly base which is easy to be cleaned. You may need the solvent to soak to the lace. Due to its delicacy, you should pay attention to the time that the lace hair is immersed. 

Regardless of the solvent type, the knots of the hair system will swell when put in the solvent thus leading to the shedding of hair. Besides, you should pay attention to use the proper amount of solvent, too much of which will contribute to hair tangles. 

To effectively remove the residues of glue or adhesive, a little strength and pressure are required to put on the base. While too much tension may tear the whole hair system, so be careful when ripping off the adhesive. 

It is suggested that do not wait to remove the system until the bond has broken down completely. A broken-down bond will affect the whole hair system, getting you into cleaning up a mess. 

Turn the base facing up when rinsing it with warm water so that water can go from the lace first, and then through the lace onto the hair, which can keep the shape and maintain the connection of the hair system. Make sure the system is cleaned up before attaching it to your head. 

When it comes to poly hair systems, you can just tear off the red liner tape gently which most people will use before applying adhesive. The red liner tape poses no influence on wearing experience or appearance. It just makes the cleaning more convenient. Then, clean the remaining adhesive residue. The process is much simpler compared to that of the lace hair system. 


All in all, lace vs poly hair system, now you see the differences. Based on these differences, the ways of cleaning them also vary. No matter which type of hair system you buy, follow the suggestions we have offered above, we believe you can solve problems with ease. Hope this article can be useful to you.


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