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Lace VS Poly Hair System

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There's nothing like a new hair system that makes you feel confident! 

The demand for hair systems is increasing daily. With hundreds of men who are dealing with hair loss problems like thinning or balding situations in their lives are discerning the benefits of these hair systems. They now love to own one and drape themselves with confidence.  

However, choosing the best hair system among many is a hassle. 

Are you considering getting a hair system too? We'll help you make hassle-free decisions. 

There are two popular hair extensions: lace and poly hair systems. Both have their perks and flaws, so the decision of which type to go for ultimately depends on the individual's needs and preferences.

Here we'll take a deep look at each type so you can decide which is right for you.

Lace Hair System

The lace hair system aces the list in toupees because it's made of finely knitted mesh that has very small holes. This makes lace hair systems breathable and allows air circulation, which in turn provides a natural look and feel on your head! 

Laces also have lightweight materials, so they're comfortable to wear all day long without feeling bulky underneath clothing or weighed down by a hat. 

Lace hair systems have two types;

1. French Lace 

The French lace system is a lightweight and breathable hairpiece that provides a comfortable feel for the wearer, keeping them cool all day, even on hot summer days. It has an elegant look with its sleek front lace that is ventilated using single split knots so it can take light to medium density heads of any shape or size comfortably without feeling too heavy on their skulls.

P.S. The hair system lasts for 3 to 4 months. 

2. Swiss Lace 

With its light and breathable feel, this hair system is perfect for those who want to maintain their natural beauty. It's more delicate than french lace and usually falls out in 1 to 2 months. 

Why Pick The Lace Hair System?

The lace hair system is exclusively designed for people facing thinning hair problems and baldness. Besides, it offers many other benefits that make it the best choice.   

  • Best pick on hot days
  • Gives a chic and natural appearance 
  • Perfect for sports enthusiasts, athletics, active lifestyle
  • Extremely comfortable 
  • Offers super breathability 

Steps To Clean Your Lace Hair System 

Step 01: Remove the tape

Step 02: Thoroughly remove the residue  

Step 03: Rinse the hair replacement with clean water

Step 04: Apply shampoo and hair conditioner

Step 05: Carefully dry the hair system  

Poly Hair System

Enjoy the natural hair feel with the poly hair system. Made of poly base material, the hairpiece is excellent for creating the perfect hairstyle. Poly skins are so thin that it feels just like normal skin when touching them, but there's also a thicker version of this type called "poly base," which provides water resistance and keeps hair in place without weighing down on your head. 

Why Pick The Poly Hair System?  

Looking for reasons and benefits for choosing the poly hair system among other systems? We have got tons of benefits that keep this hairpiece mile away. 

  • It's weightless, easy to wear, and affordable! 
  • No more worries about your locks looking dry or lifeless
  • the lace front wig looks natural while providing you with gorgeous full coverage in just one breeze
  • Wave goodbye to bothersome tangles
  • No more bleaching knots
  • Gives a natural hair feel 

How To Clean Your Poly Hair System

Step 01: Remove the tape

Step 02: Soak your hair system 

Step 03: Apply shampoo and conditioner

Step 04: carefully dry your hairpiece using a microfiber towel

Amazing Tips for Your Hair System 

It is necessary to take care of your hairpiece that puts cherries on your appearance and sprinkles a touch of elegance with a new hair-do. 

Here are some amazing tips that will not only protect your hair system but will last long too. 

  • Clean and wash your hairpiece twice a week to maintain the natural hair bounce
  • Avoid applying heat dryers to the hair
  • Use a wide-teeth comb that untangles the knots 
  • Apply shampoos and conditioners that fits your hair 
  • Avoid using harmful chemicals that may result in hair damage 
  • Limits the sun exposure 

Where To Find The Best Lace and Poly Hair Systems? 

Picking the premium quality lace and the poly hair system is a hassle. But Lavivid Hair offers the best hair replacement system that matches no other. Our hair systems are made of 100% human hair, which makes you look natural. 

What are you waiting for? Visit our website now and pick the latest collection with your favorite style and color, that too at a pocket-friendly price. 


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