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A Detailed Demonstration of LaVivid Ares Men's Hair System

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Today, we are going to illustrate our Ares hair system from every aspects to give you a clear idea to see whether this is the right product for you.

The Ares Hair System

ares hair system

Base Construction

Ares has french lace in the front and large 2" skin in the back, with 1/4" skin sides allowing for easy perimeter cutting and bonding. The large PU or skin in the back is giving you enough room to be cut to meet your hair loss size.

Our stock Ares base is in 8’’x10’’ default size and you can practically cut it into any size based on your need.

Compared to a full lace base, Ares’ base is much more stronger and in shape. It can last at least 1-2 months longer than a full French lace base.



The density of Ares is 95% and it can be widely used among people with difference ages. People in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s all can choose this style.

Here is how it looks in person. If you are into lace hair systems but not very experienced in hair systems, we highly recommend you choose Ares since it is quite easy to work with.

ares toupee


Ares has 30mm rod size slight wave. It looks very natural and it can be styled curler than this and it can be changed to straighter like this too. There are unlimited styling possibilities.


Hair Color

Ares has about 63 colors available in stock including black, brown, blonde and gray hair colors. For single hair colors like 1B off black, #2 darkest brown, #18 Dark Beige Blonde, they are all real human hair and can be dyed to a darker color but cannot be bleached.

For gray hair colors, the mixed gray hair is synthetic.

gray hair toupee


With correct caring and maintenance schedule, Ares can last you 4-6 months. That been said, you need to order 2-3 pieces each year. Ares is $188 after discount, so you only need to spend $376 to $564 a year on hair systems. It is a very economical choice.


What our customers say about Ares


 ‘Being in hair restoration I consider myself an expert so I will try to be as open and only comment on the hair quality itself I have to be honest when I open the box I was pleasantly surprised the hair was soft , it was a “ stock hair” had to be customized to my models head but all in all was a great hair. It blended his hair nicely’



‘I have to tell you- I am ecstatic about my hair piece. It is stunning and I have never felt more confident. I have shared my story with so many people. I look forward to trying other pieces in the future! I also have my stylist who is very interested in pursuing this further.’


Here is a demonstration video of Matthew wearing LaVivid Ares Hair System.

Should you have any questions or need any assistance, please feel free to contact us at and our customer service staff will give you professional advice.


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