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LaVivid Louis C-through Bio Skin Men's Hair System

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LaVivid's Louis hair system uses the most advanced C-through Bio Skin base, and the skin thickness is 0.04-0.06 mm. It is the second-thinnest skin base in our line. The C-through Bio Skin base is not like other skin bases on the market. Our C-through Bio Skin base gives you a dull finish appearance, so your hairline or scalp doesn't shine under light. At the same time, it is also transparent, and you can see your scalp through the base. The hair looks like it grows from your scalp.

LaVivid Louis C-through Bio Skin Men's Hair System

The Louis C-through Bio Skin Hair System also offers you a very natural-looking hairline. At the same time, it can offer you durability, with a three to four-month lifespan expected.

The LaVivid skin hair system is super soft and feather-weight, so you won't feel a thing while wearing it. At the same time, it is strong, elastic, and durable. For a 0.06 mm super thin skin hair system, LaVivid products can typically last at least three to four months, compared to a one to a two-month lifespan of other company's skin units. 

natural-looking hairline

A LaVivid special technique is also used to avoid the skin becoming stiff or turning yellow after sweating during exercise or long-time use. 

3-Piece Bundle of Upgrade Eros Men’s Hair System with C-through Bio Skin

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