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The Introduce of Mono Hair Systems

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The world of Hair Replacement System is very diverse, having different types of options for different kinds of people. For the last two decades, it has been the final choice of men to deal with their hair loss and baldness problems, and if we are honest, the advancement of hair replacement systems is one of the reasons why. The other hair solutions have much lesser pros to offer in front of the hair replacement systems; which not even provides you with cost-effective instant results but gives you full control over what you want for yourself.

Talking about customization, the hair base has always been one of the prime concerns of the hair system users, and they have been offered several options to choose from. Now, as lace hair systems and skin hair systems are both ubiquitous because of their different properties. Still, the lace hair system is too fragile as it lets your scalp breathe, while the skin hair system is too thick-skinned, making it the best option for a more sustainable application. But what if you wanted something a little in between of both of them?

mono toupee

If you are someone who has been searching for something a little less fragile and more durable but still breathable Hair replacement options, then let us introduce you to Monofilament Hair Systems, famous by the name of "Mono Hair Systems".

These mono hair systems are known to be the most excellent option if you want to have your full head of luscious HairHair back. These mono hair systems are available in every category of hair replacement systems: toupees, wigs, other hairpieces. This type of base is as light as a lace hair system, allowing your scalp to breathe and have a hold as strong as of skin base. As it is the combination of two of the best hair system base qualities let us explain why they make the best duo.
If you have an oily or a sweaty scalp, you will need a breathable hair system base to make sure your glue does not get messy and tacky. But if you want a head full of luscious full HairHair, lace hair bases are not able to support them. This makes you compromise on your hair system requirements, which you will not have to do with mono as a base for your hair systems providing you with a head full of HairHair with the breathable support and durable hold.

Monofilament is a very heavy-duty kind of material, and it can easily bear the weight of whatever your preferred hair type is human or synthetic, with your desired amount of hair volume. In addition to that, it can also bear the damage of styling, washing, heat styling, removing and reapplying it, and whatnot. As it was made to give the users a more durable base design, it is very long-lasting and can serve you longer as compared to the other hair system bases.

You must be wondering that if this is so durable and gives you the benefits if two hair system bases, why do people even go for another hair system base. So here is another aspect of this hair system base that the strings of monofilament are tied firmly together, making tiny holes in them. Now, these holes are so small that products like shampoo, oil, and conditioner you might be using to keep your hair system in good condition, steep into your scalp, but these holes are not big enough to let them out. This can eventually result in improper cleaning of your hair system, and if hair products start to gather up on your scalp for long enough, they affect your natural hair roots. Along with being a bit challenging to clean, mono hair materials need to be combined with other hair materials to give you the desired results; they are never used alone.

Are Mono Hair Systems the Right Choice for You?

What will help you decide this is what kind of hair you want if you are looking for a head full of gorgeous looking hair, maybe yes. This base material is utterly beautiful and sees through as it makes it breathable. Its base helps it keep the scalp ventilated to make your scalp stay dry and fresh.

If you compare it with other hair system base, mono hair systems will require less maintenance and fewer repairs in its overall lifetime. If we talk about the hairline, it gives, so it is completely seamless and undetectable. It is comfortable to wear, and as it has a combination of two base types, it is easier to apply glue or adhesive without having a fear of messing it up. If you are new with trying the hair systems, you can still ace the application of mono hair systems as they are comparatively easier to apply than any other hair system base. As this hair system can stay on your scalp without any disturbance for more extended periods, this is strongly recommended to people who are allergic to HairHair as the hair knots in these hair systems are hidden between the layers of mono.

Where to get Yourself a Mono Hair System?

Lavivid HairHair makes the world's most excellent hair systems for men. Their mono hair systems are made for comfort, durability, natural look, and utter convenience. The mono hairpieces they manufacture are known to be undetectable and long-wearing. You can easily customize your mono hair system as well with Lavivid Hair.  Just visit their website and find everything you need and more related to hair replacement systems and experience a life-changing hair revolution. 


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