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Breathable and Brown Toupee

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Most men have an exercising routine that they work out at least two to three times a week. While for some people, their daily job is spending a lot of time under the sun and sweating. Under these circumstances a breathable hair system is a must for toupee wearers. If at the same time, you are looking for a brown hair toupee, then read on to find out more.

Today we are presenting you a new arrival hair system at LaVivid Hair. It is our Harry Lace Hair System. We will demonstrate this toupee in attributes of base construction, front contour, hair density and hair color.


Size and Base Construction

Harry comes in default size of 8'' (width - from left to right)x10''(length - from front to back) and it can be cut in smaller to match your own size. 

Regarding base construction, Harry is made of French lace and 2.5'' poly in the sides and back. This base structure makes this hair unit more durable and stronger than a full lace base. The lace material used on the base makes the unit totally breathable and it is a good choice for people who work out frequently, sweat a lot or have an oily scalp. 

Front Contour

Here at LaVivid Hair, Harry lace hair system is the only stock unit that comes with A contour front hairline. A contour hairline appears more natural then the normal CC hairline.

Also the front hairline is well bleached and you wont notice any knots in the front at all. It will give you supper natural looking front hairline and realistic appearance.

Hair Density

The hair density is in 100%. It is not too thin or too thick. This hair density works for all ages. 

Hair Color

Harry offers two hair colors and they are #6 Chestnut brown and #7 lightest brown. Below picture is #7 lightest brown color.

Hair Texture

Harry comes with slight wavy and freestyle hair. This makes it easier for you to achieve different fashionable hairstyles. 

Harry lace hair system is totally breathable and effectively allows your body heat evaporates. If you are having an active lifestyle and looking for a brown hair color, definitely give it a try. 


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