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Are You Looking for the Best Hair System for Men? A Few Steps Help You Out

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Looking for the best hair system for men? To help you make a successful decision, we give you instructions in the following article. Take the factors we list into account, you can quickly find the perfect hair unit for you. 

Hair systems for men can be best in many aspects, best hair density, best wearing experience, best appearance, etc. If you are looking for the best hair units with light density, here at Lavividhair, there are several wonderful options. 

Eros Men's Hair System

Having an ultra-thin base made of 0.02-0.03 mm thin skin, the Eros is extremely comfortable to wear. You will even not sense the existence of the hair system when wearing it. The knots are hidden well inside the hair so that it is difficult for others to spot that you are wearing a wig. Choosing a proper color matching your skin, you can wear the toupee just like your real hair. 

The hairline is perfect and undetectable. It can produce the best effects on changing your image. You can dye your mustache into the same color as the hair so that the whole balance will be really good. 

Helios Hair System

The Swiss lace of Helios is the thinnest, leading to a lightweight and comfortable wearing experience. The transparency of the Swiss base contributes to the natural integration of your scalp and the hair system. Hairpieces are sewed to the base by a human hand, which makes sure that the hair toupee for men is durable and nice-looking. 

Its size can be suitable for most people having the problem of hair loss. Lasting 4-6 months, the product combines the advantages of softness and strength. If you want to wear wigs on a hot day, this toupee will undoubtedly be a primary option. 

Mirage Male Toupee

Mirage always produces the most popular toupee hairstyles. With a full poly base, its products can perfectly blend in with your skin. They can create the most realistic hairlines. Besides, Mirage toupees for men can be applied to your head firmly. You don’t have to worry that they will be loose when you are doing exercises and sweating. 

These are the best hair system for men with light hair density at Lavividhair. See? If you target specific features of hair toupees you want to buy, it is quite easy to select the best one. Then, what if I do not know what kinds of hair replacement systems I want? Don’t worry, follow a few steps, you will know what is the best toupee for you. 

·Know about the hair base materials

As we also mention above, there are poly, thin skin, mono, silk, and lace hair base. Each of them has different advantages. Knowing their characteristics is the stepping stone of choosing the right hair system for men. 

·Hair fiber, the key to your hair appearance

Hair fiber is mainly different between the real human hair system and the synthetic one. Not to mention, it is the real human hair that has a much better look and softer and sleeker touch. The sole disadvantage is the expensive price compared to that of synthetic hair. 

·Hair length, the basis for your desirable hairstyle

Longer hair is easy to be cut into more hairstyles to your likeness. That is why many customers will buy toupees with longer hair. Of course, hair systems for men with longer hair length costs more than the shorter one. 

·Hair density and hair texture

Light to medium hair density is in favor of many consumers for the thick hair may look unnatural and costs more. As for the hair texture, the male hair systems made of real hair are always better than synthetic ones. Synthetic hair becomes fragile soon after being treated with heated tools. 

·Hair color

The hair color seems less important than other factors. However, hair color will directly affect the effects of wearing. Inappropriate hair color will destroy the whole balance. The important is that the hair color can match well with your skin color. 

In short, to opt for the best hair system for men, hair base, density, fiber, texture, and length are significant factors you should consider. You can also directly pick the hair replacement systems with the light hair density we recommend above or have a look at other quality products at our store.


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