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How to Find A Best Man Weave for You?

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The images of the Man weave before and after have been circulating on social media recently and they probably caught your attention. They show an amazing transformation of people’s looks before the put on a hairpiece and after they put it on.

In one of the most viewed photos, a middle-aged man with a bald head is seen to have been transformed and looked younger, taller, and more handsome after putting on a weave.

The way we look is important to both men and women and women. People all love beauty,and have the rights to try everything they like. Fashion trends are changing to more unisex and they have fewer considerations on gender. This has become a game-changer in the image industry.

A man’s hair is a key element in maintaining his self-esteem and boosting his confidence levels. The look of the hair goes a long way in giving a man his image and hair care is as important as any other care of the body.

Like women who spend huge amounts of money purchasing their weaves, men are slowly following suit after the discovery of how nice they look when wearing a weave.

If you are considering this important decision to put on a weave, it will be a great experience if you take it on. Hairpieces for men are not only good in sprucing up your image, but they also provide your bald head with a cover and you will not have to suffer from the effects of too much heat when you are exposed to the sun.

Below we explore some key important points to consider.

Where to get the best Men weaves

The best and most quality non-surgical hair-pieces for me can be found at Lavivid Hair We sell all types and sizes of toupees for men and you can choose the one that best fits your need and skin color at a low cost.

Our website is easy to navigate through and you can get yourself the best piece of weave you prefer. They offer you advice on the base, color, density, hair curls, and front contour shapes. We offer all the information you require to ensure that your selection is the best. Their support team is always ready to offer you a hand of support.

Also, we offer you a chance to have a custom made toupee.

For all weave purchases on other websites, you will have to go to a local hairstylist to help you put it on. Lavivid Hair offers you the opportunity to do it for you at a small fee of only $ 40. You will just need to send your photos to them and they will work on it on your behalf to offer you a chance to wear the hairpiece straight from the box.

What to consider

The most important factors to consider when selecting a toupee is how it looks on you because this is the essence of wearing a weave. Its color and your skin color must match for it to look good on you. At Lavivid Hair, we have hair of all colors and the choice will be yours.

We shall offer you advice on what color will work best with your skin color when you send us your photographs. For instance, when you choose the grey color, the number you will see behind the color number will be a depiction of the percentage of grey hair that has been blended in the hairpiece. All the hair we have is blended with synthetic hair.

Another important aspect to consider is the base of the weave. We have 4 types of base materials namely lace, skin, silk, and monofilament and they are all interrelated. We have made them in a light way to make them breathe the air easily so that you have maximum comfort. Also with good care, they can last for up to 6 months without any change being done on them because of the quality of the material used.

The other factor to consider is the comfort of having to wear the hairpiece. The hairpieces we sell at Lavivid hair are thin and do not cause any discomfort when you wear them on your head. They are soft enough and you will not even remember that you have put them on your head.

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