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How to Make A Choice of Men's Permanent Hair Systems?

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Luscious hair that makes heads turn everywhere you go is the dream of every next man. Unfortunately, it is just that for even the best of us who are undergoing hair troubles due to various conditions. Other than that, the fast-paced modern life and the ongoing stress to provide or survive in it contributes to the growth rate of hair fall and progressive balding of the head. 

Getting bombarded with images of men with perfect hair, styled in a way that gives Johnny Bravo a run for his money and airbrushed content in magazines, posters and advertisements certainly take a dig at the self-image of many young men of our generation. Spending several dollars' worth of money on expensive, high-quality hair products or ingredients for home remedies along with dedicated time is understandably not something every man can indulge in. Therefore, with the evolution of technology and time, many sufferers have found a practical solution in hair systems. Both permanent and temporary, Hair systems have been fruitful in reinstating men's confidence by giving them a full-haired look.

Granted that men's permanent hair systems take a bit longer than the temporary ones, but they are, after all, the long-term solution. Permanent hair systems constitute permanent hair wigs and hair transplantation surgery, whereas temporary hair systems constitute temporary wigs and toupees. The following section of the article will focus on men’s permanent hair system.

Permanent Wigs

Wigs are hairpieces that cover the bald spots of your head. The permanency of the wigs is because of the attachment methods. Using an adhesive to settle a wig snugly onto your hair is what makes a permanent wig. The permanent wig is styled in a way that enmeshes with the existing natural hair to cover the bald spots and make the transformation seamless.

These are made of human hair or synthetic fibres. There are various colors, styles, textures, lengths, and attachment methods available to choose from. Therefore, it offers great room to style your look to your content. Make sure the size is just right, and you will not have to worry about being discovered.

Men’s permanent hair system presents a good alternative for individuals who do not see themselves going to the dermatologist for sessions after sessions and burning a hole in their pockets. Installing a permanent wig is a quick, painless and non-invasive procedure. It is as simple as picking a style of the wig and placing it onto your head. Plus, it costs less money! If you want to customize your look and not just pick one, you can consult experienced hair technicians who would be able to curate a wig to your needs.


Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure to regrow hair by plucking them from the back or sides of the head to regrow hair in balding spots and installing them in the areas of the head that are scarce of hair. The hair that is taken from the back or sides of the head is called "graft," and the areas are called "donor area." The process is performed under local anesthesia. A dermatologist or plastic surgeon performs the surgery.

In this procedure, the hair quality is assessed along with the amount of hair a follicle can produce. Before the implantation, the hair is shaved onsite if required because there is an optimal length for hair that is to be extracted. The extracted hair is then sorted according to the number of hairs produced by each graft. The sorting is done alongside the implantation. After the implantation, painkillers, antibiotics, and steroids are administered by the dermatologist or plastic surgeon for the upcoming week to curb any infections as well as swelling. You may have to revisit the next day to remove the bandages. Instructions and postop care should be provided by the professional conducting your hair transplant. Within a few months, hair regrowth can be seen.  

Hair transplant is perhaps the most feared hair system among hair loss sufferers because it is perceived as invasive and painful. Even if anesthesia has been administered during the transplant to dull the pain, the discomfort is still felt, and more so once the anesthesia wears off. But you know what they say: no pain, no gain. If you're willing to undergo the hair transplant surgery, you come out with a head full of your natural hair, and who would not like that?  

Permanent Wigs or Hair Transplant?

The question of which permanent hair system you should choose is one of preference that requires considering many factors. If you are looking for immediate results and convenience, permanent hair wigs are the way to go, which also gives you the option of restyling now and then if you get bored. But the downside is that these babies are high-maintenance and require lots of care to keep them looking natural. Also, some types of wigs may hinder you from participating in certain activities such as swimming, so make sure you choose wisely.

However, if you are looking for a one-time investment with long-term results, hair transplant surgeries are the way to go. Sure, they cost a lot, but the cost varies based on factors such as where you live, the skill level of the dermatologist or plastic surgeon, recovery costs, type of implantation, and the amount of hair transplanted. The output is a head full of natural, low-maintenance hair that can last longer. However, there are risks and complications such as inflammation, scarring, and swelling that come with this invasive process. Also, the recovery may take months. The differentiating factor is what you are willing to put into getting your hair back, and both of these men’s permanent hair system options have promising results.

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