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The 8 Most Outstanding Hair Color for Men

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Picking the right hair color style for men can make you attractive or can be something that makes you look like the regular guy. The correct shade and the right cut also help in making you look spectacular. Here, we have some samples that make men look remarkable and highly noticeable in the crowd.

Choosing the correct shade of hair for men that attracts attention

Platinum hair color

Who says men can't have fun with their hair color? Well, this shade will surely make you noticeable cause platinum hair color gives you that funky look and screams you are not a boring guy, always on the go and is ready for all the fun.

Purple, green and black

The contrasting color makes this hair color unique as the black hair contrast with the purple and green effect. A man would sure look unique and should be able to pull this off with just the right attitude.

The purple and green color can either be placed using many strands or can be mixed with half purple and half green color spread out, so the black backdraft will make it stand out even more.

Best for photoshoots, for a guy who's going to a party or someone who like a unique style. 

Rust and peach hair color

The hairstyle paired with rustic color combined with peach makes the hair exceptional. The brightly colored hair keeps the look wonderful, and the man can fit any choice of clothes with it.

For men who want to have bright colored hair and can pair it with softer and more subtle pieces.

The rustic color can be first used on a few strands, then the peach color will be added next. If the pop-up of color is not enough, there is another shade and maybe according to the man's preference.

Grey curls

Some people may like to dye their hair black or brown, but others would rather have smokey grey or just grey color. The tip of the hair is colored grey and curled, so the shade gets darker.

The combination of dark grey combined with black hair color makes the grey color pop up.

Not for men who would rather wear a boring color, but for men who have a thing for drama and impressive effects plus have a high fashion sense. 

Trendy ash-blonde

A calm color that will add a cooling effect to the overall look making any man unique. A stunning hair color style for men that can go with any attire, whether casual getup, or when you go out with friends and even when you have a daily office schedule.

Silver Blonde for an astonishing appearance

Blending the traditional blonde with silver hair color is another in-thing that gives men a modern but ultra-cool look. It also adds quite a sexiness, plus it adds a super-stylish effect.

Some men can carry this color of hair very well, especially when they do not opt for the traditional color style.

The tone also doubles the attractiveness of the man who wears it, plus the tousled hair that will surely keep admirers taking a second look.

Copper Brown

Men with a warm skin tone can choose this color. If they are also more traditional when it comes to their hair coloring, this is the way to go. It is also perfect for all hair types such as curly, straight, even long hair can carry this color very well.

Other men who have medium length hair can wear this color perfectly, also their skin tones look great and get noticed even in a crowd.

Warm Medium Brown for a hairstyle that speaks volumes

Great for men who would like more toned down hair shade and who want to have their hair go well with what they usually wear.

When a man wears a casual white shirt, even a colored shirt, this hair coloring will still look fantastic.

This color is best for men with medium to thick hair texture. Plus, it goes well with any men that have a cool eye color such as green, blue, or the usual hazel.

With the help of this hair color, there is added texture and dimension to the overall effect of any man's hairstyle.

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