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What's the Mens Hair Color Trends in 2020?

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If you are tired of your natural hair color, you can go bold and try one of the mens hair color trends that most of fashion-conscious men choose today. Here are some hot and eccentric colors that you might want to try for complementing your style and personality.

1. Chocolate brown

Starting with a safe one. While many men have brown hair, this color idea may be tempting for men with natural blonde or black hair. Chocolate brown is a deep yet calm hair tone that will suit any face color perfectly. It's not sharp and not outgoing, but it will make you look elegant and sober, be sure of that. You will especially benefit from this color if you have dense hair. If you do so, you will get all eyes on you, and don't forget to use some mousse or styling gel to add a shiny fashion look to your hair.

2. Golden blonde

Moving on to a bolder one, but still fitting the boundaries of the conventional. Golden blonde is the classical blonde that implements a strong yellowish hue that makes your appearance more vivid and vibrant. All those sparkling shiny glares emitted by your golden hair will help you steal the show wherever you are. You can leave your sides untouched and dye only the top, and the transition if you wish. This color looks great both with a smooth transition from sides to top and no-transition style.

Actually, you can experiment a bit with this tone. You can either make highlights with it or color the entire top. Each style will give a special vibe so you lose nothing from trying either of them.

3. Blue-to-green transition

If you have a pompadour or slick back hairstyle, you can boldly go for this unconventional look. It starts from your hairline with a light blue and moves all the way up, turning to a vivid green gradually. Until it reaches the top of your hair, it uses hues found in-between blue and green on the color spectrum, ensuring a smooth and eye-pleasing transition. This eccentric hair color style will definitely make a statement about your bold thinking, lack of fear and determination to bring a dramatic change in your life.

4. Deep red

If you are not quite confident with the idea of going red, you can choose a safer red shade that will help you analyze and decide whether the red story deserves continuation or not. Deep red is a dark red that somehow resembles black, so it's far from being called eccentric and outgoing. Still, it gives a note of protest and revolt so it's hard to call it a traditional hair color either. You need to have a medium or thick hair complexion to put this color in the best light.

You can choose to color both the top and the sides, which will make you more fancy-looking, or just the top, which will provide a more conservative look.

5. Copper

Tired of brown, blonde and black hair? If so, you can replace these traditional hair colors with a vibrant copper that will add style and taste to your look. Copperworks great with any hair complexion and haircut, so don't hesitate to choose this trendy tone to spice up your appearance.

6. The Orange

If you are ready for a radical change, you can go for an explosion of bright orange that will breathe a new life into your hair. It is perfect for risk-takers and those who like adventure. Not only it is a color that tells people about your courage and individualism, but also it is a way to draw attention away from some skin problems on your face. You can color only the top or cover the entire head with an eye-catching orange coat that provides a vibrant and inspiring appearance.

To sum up, if you are looking for a change in your hairstyle, there are some men's hair color trends you can choose from. You can pick something warm and sober, such as chocolate brown, deep red or copper. If you look through for a dramatic change, you can go for more energetic and vibrant colors, such as golden blonde, bright orange, and blue-to-green transition. 


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