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How the Men's Hairpiece Supplies Improve Your Wig Wearing Experience?

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Do you have all the men's hairpiece supplies needed to make the best use of your wig? If not, you got to complete your maintenance kit with the missing tools to ensure safe and durable wear. While many people think that beginning to wear a wig means investing only in a hair system, they are mistaken. There are many other supplies you need to invest in to help you to install the hairpiece, take care of it and protect your scalp. Here is what your wig care kit has to contain. 

1. Application tools

First and foremost, you need to ensure you have the application tools at hand. Else you simply lose the chance to walk proudly on the street with your new fancy wig. You want to make sure before you go outside the wig adheres to the head properly and doesn't fall. For that, you need tools that help you to secure the hair system in place. Here they are: 


Liquid wig glue is a strong adhesive that provides a long-lasting hold. It is the most powerful adherence agent out there, so you got to use it with permanent wear, as the band stays in place for more than one month. There are two basic glues you can choose from. The acrylic-based adhesive is waterproof and allows you to swim and shower with the wig on. Water-based glue is a bit more pricey due to its chemical-free formula that is skin-safe and prevents bacteria growth and infections. 

Glue brush

Your men's hairpiece supplies kit should also include a glue brush. It helps you to spread the adhesive evenly on the scalp, covering each inch of skin and controlling the thickness of the glue coat so that it's not too much but is also enough to provide a strong bond. 


Tapes are mostly recommended for short-term wear, as the bond they provide stays for around 1 week. They are easy to remove which makes them a perfect choice for people who prefer to take the wig off before sleep. There are a variety of tapes you can find on the market to meet your needs, including hypoallergenic, no-shine, ultra hold and even tapes to repair the base damage. 

Scalp protector

Scalp protectors are one of the most important men's hairpiece supplies. They are made to create a barrier between the scalp and the hair system, protecting your skin against irritations, scratches and redness. A scalp protector is handy for every wig wearer, especially for those with sensitive skin and those preferring long-term wear. 

Solvent adhesive remover

If you use glue to apply the wig, buying a solvent remover is a necessity. Since glue provides a stronghold, removing it is not that easy, even if the bond time has already expired. If you don't have a special solvent to weaken the glue, you will have no choice but to pull the hairpiece with force. This is way beyond any safety standards because you risk to hurt your scalp and cause open scars that would eventually impede you from applying the wig again. 

That's why you got to have a solvent adhesive remover in your wig maintenance kit. It is gentle on the skin and ensures a safe removal of the hairpiece and also works on eliminating glue residue that's left on the wig base and scalp. 

Leave-in conditioner

Unfortunately, any wig is subject to drying, frizz and volume loss. Since there isn't an internal nutritional process out there to provide the strands with nutrients and moisture, like human hair follicles, you need to do it manually. Any time you see your wig going too dry, brittle or frizzy, you have to grab the leave-in conditioner and treat the wig with it. The conditioner will moisturize and detangle the hair, restore its volume and make it look shinier for a more effective and stylish appearance.

Bottom line

A wig can serve a lot if you maintain it using proper men's hairpiece supplies. Things you always have to keep handy include: application tools, scalp protector, solvent removal and leave-in conditioner. If used correctly, they help you to secure the wig firmly in place, remove it at ease, keep it smooth and shiny, and protect your scalp from irritations. 


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