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How to Choose Men’s Wig Hat?

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How to choose a men’s wig hat? Are you suitable to wear a wig hat? You may have many doubts about it. Don’t worry, we have collected information to give a clear understanding of the good and bad points of wearing the wig hat. Moreover, we introduce various types of it as follows to save your time for picking. 

Before purchasing a wig hat, you need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of wearing such a hat and whether or not a wig is suitable for you to wear. Some people said that a wig with a hat can better prevent the wig from slipping off your head. However, others said the reverse. 

The benefits

Wearing a wig for a long time may cause the accumulation of sweat and oil. It may cause further damage to the already thin hair. If you have lost all your hair, simply wearing a wig may hurt your sensitive skin and make you feel an itch on the head. Therefore, wearing the men’s wig hat can ease this sort of uncomfortable feeling for it provides a smooth surface rather than a prick one. 

Wig hats create a barrier between your head and the wig so that it will not be that easy to slip off. Furthermore, less harm will be done to your skin. 

The disadvantages

As we have mentioned above, wearing a hat for a day will accumulate oil and sweat. If you are living in a hot climate area, wearing a wig that may produce more heat under the hat, which can even lead to rashes. Simply wearing the wig may prevent such a situation from happening. 

Besides, it is hard to choose the right wig for you at one time. There is not one size for all wig hats. Too tight or too loose wig both discomforts you. Thus, you have to spend some time picking the right wig hat. Apart from that, wigs are made of various materials. You should notice which kind of materials you are especially sensitive to, be it irritate your scalp or dry your skin. 

After knowing the good and bad sides of wearing a wig hat, you can make a decision. If you decide to purchase one, before wearing it, you should take care of your scalp. Whether you have lost all the hair or have some hair, remember to keep your scalp clean and moist. 

Different types of the men’s wig hat

A basic wig that is made by machine. Its raw materials can be wefts or hair which is sewed into strips. Different from other wig hats, this product enables air to flow through the wefts so that you will feel comfortable wearing it. Overheating is not a problem by wearing it. 

The more natural and real-like wig hat with a lace front is designed to be looked like the front hairline. The lace front is added based on a basic wig hat so that it looks more natural and it is easy to adjust its position. It can also help your head to stay cool the cost of which, however, is higher because this product is mostly hand-made. 

A wig hat featuring monofilament that is also made by hand. This fabric can not merely let your hairline look real and natural but your hair top. Due to its material characteristics, you may feel softer on the head. You can wear it on different parts of your head, but if you wear the full set, do notice the problem of overheating. 

The most comfortable option: the hand-tied hat. This hat has a soft base with hair attached to the bottom by hand. The base is flexible, so it is easier to wear and keep on your scalp. It feels like wearing a scarf on your head. Because of its comfort and a long time for making, such a hat costs higher than these mentioned above, usually 300$-400$. 

Knowing the types of different wig hats, you may have an idea of which one suits you. The most expensive one is not necessarily the one most suits you, so factors like price, materials, and making process should all be taken into account. 


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