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The Feeling of My Two Hair Systems with LaVivid Hair

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Ed bought three hair systems from LaVivid Hair including two stock hair systems and one custom order. The custom order is still in production. Ed lives in LA, so we recommended him to take the hair system to our partner salon to get it installed and styled. Here are what he says about the two stock hair systems he got from LaVivid Hair.

The first time he bought was LaVivid Mirage hair system in color 1B10. Hair density is 95% medium light and hair length is 6’’ long.

Here is what Ed says about his first hair system with LaVivid:

This was my first ever hairpiece with LaVivid. Tina answered all my questions and helped me choose the right unit. The unit arrived in a classic black box (very fancy). Tina also referred me to a hairstylist who is based in LA who cut and styled my hair system. I am one happy customer, that I ended up ordering 2 other units and a custom unit. Due to the pandemic, and shortage in my hair color, I tried buying from another company. Nothing compares to the quality of LaVivid. You can easily tell the difference when you touch the hairpiece, after washing the hairpiece and even weeks of use. Lavivids Hair system is quality!

The second time that Ed bought was LaVivid Prometheus hair system. Prometheus has a combined base of silk top, skin in the perimeter and lace in the front. Prometheus has 130% medium density hair and the hair is straight. Ed has this hair system base pre-cut by LaVivid and the hair to be cut in our partner salon in LA. Our partner salon in LA is ‘lahairreplacement’ and you can find it on Instagram by this name.

Here is what Ed says about his second LaVivid hair system: This is my first silk base unit with LaViVid, and my 2nd Hair system. I ordered this pre-cut and arrived in 4 business days. The hairpiece is amazing. Very breathable, very realistic, and the hair is SOOOO SOFT!!! I can't stop touching my hair! I LOVE IT! LaViVivids line is top-notch! Money well spent!
From their customer service to their products, everything is world-class.
I have a custom unit being made, and I can't wait for that to arrive.

Here we want to say thank you to Ed for sharing his wearing experience and feedback with us. We’d like to help every person who is on this journey and our goal is to help you and make your hair system experience a bit easier. Need any assistance picking a suitable hair system? Feel free to send an email to

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