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Non Surgical Hair Replacement Cost

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With hair loss problems quite common in men, it urges you to adopt a cost-effective hair replacement method to gain back that confidence. Are you thinking of getting through the procedure of hair replacement but are resistant due to its cost? Hair replacement is quite a common thing in today’s world. One of the prime factors which let you decide better is its cost. Whether it is a permanent replacement or a temporary one, the replacement cost plays a major role. It is a usual misconception that non-surgical hair replacement costs are bucket loads of money. From the toupees cost to the maintenance, this tells you in detail the whole pricing. Dive in! 

In order to get the whole pricing, an analysis of some major factors is to be done. These aspects are quite significant when it comes to non-surgical hair replacement and therefore, it is necessary to present them to you thoroughly. 

Well, you don’t need to worry! You will be astonished by the cost-effectiveness of this type of hair replacement. Not only, non-surgical hair replacement is pocket-friendly but also guarantees long-term solutions. 

Advantages of non-surgical hair replacement

  • Perfect temporary hair without the fuss of getting through surgery. 
  • Have a young and natural look without any hassle.
  • No more receding hairline 

Stock Toupees 

This method is by far the most popular one in the masses. Starting off with the most convenient, suitable, and well-suited way of hair replacement, the Toupees. The term represents the stock hairpieces. Toupees are available with different textures as well as different materials which lets you opt for the one that is best suited for you. Every base is devoted to people with different tastes and references together with variable pricing. This lets you opt for the one that is easy on your pocket making the whole procedure affordable. The usual base materials are as follows. 

  • lace: It guarantees light feels and makes it very breathable for you. The range for this is about $250. 
  • Skin: This lets you have a more realistic feel and makes you look more transparent. This starts off with prices as low as $100.
  • Monofilament: This makes the maintenance uncomplicated and has enhanced durability. This ranges from $200 to $350. 
  • Skin vivid: This enhances your scalp with a vivid look. This is the most expensive starting with $300. 

This shows the variable options which provide you with the opportunity to opt for the one that suits your pocket. The wide range starting off with just $100 and extending to $400 makes it so very affordable for the masses. These ready-to-wear toupees are going to save you money, time, and effort. You can own a bunch of these and the ease with this method is incomparable and unmatched. 

Custom Toupee 

When compared to usual stock hair pieces, the custom ones are a bit more expensive as they are specifically designed for you. Moreover, it requires more time in order to be completed. The custom ones, however, enhance the ease making the whole procedure uncomplicated. You can install it all by yourself with great ease. This can be viewed as spending a little extra on your custom toupee which you otherwise would have spent on the salon to make them fixed properly.

The custom ones just require getting the pieces and trying them as soon as they arrive. You can get them custom-made and save the money which you would have paid to the professional in order to ensure proper installation. The experts of the field charge you a whole lot of money which should also be included in the replacement cost to get a vivid idea. 

In order to proceed with this kind of hair replacement, the initial step is to select your desired and favorite hairstyle which you want to see yourself in. After you have picked the best one for you, you need to send it to the hair replacement institution guaranteeing astounding results. You are also required to send the hair template which suits you the best. Other things which you need to send are detailed pictures of your scalp, specifically those who have experienced hair loss. The pictures of the frontal side, the back, and the sides should always be included. The pictures sent should be from multiple angles so that an accurate idea is obtained through pictures. 

The minimalist effort which is required to ace this replacement system has made it so famous among the men of the century. It sticks and sits so flawlessly that no bald spot is shown. Whether it is hiding the hairline or it is the hiding of the receding, whether it is making the hair dense or mixing them with your natural hair, this method does that all. You can be sure of getting the best out of this method. 

How long can toupee be used? 

Well, now the concept of custom toupee together with the stock ones is explained. Next, the question that arises is how frequently these hair systems are needed? Is that very frequent raising the overall cost of maintenance together with installing? Let’s have a detailed overview of all the expenses you should be prepared for. 

The usual life cycle of toupee is generally a couple of months after which you are required to change them. When analyzed with the average cost of $175, it totals $650 annually. This price is so very affordable and when compared to other hair replacement options which included permanent hair surgeries and hair transplants, this is so very economical as by far the best option in the market. 

Buy toupees at the best prices with Lavivid

Whether it is aging or medical conditions, whether it is genetics or modern lifestyle, here at Lavivid, we are going to fix your problems through the most affordable replacement system performed in the most sophisticated way. Welcome to the journey of painless hair replacement through sophisticated and top-notch services. Here, we strive to make hair replacement much more accessible while eliminating unnecessary efforts and pain. Why wait? Order yours now! 


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