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The Ultimate Cost-Friendly Solution for Hair Thinning

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A hairpiece, also known as a wig, toupee, or a hair system, is primarily used to cover bald spots and receding hairline. According to research, almost 70% of men experience hair loss by the time they reach the age of 30. For almost all men, these hairpieces provide a sense of relaxation and peace since hairpieces are the ultimate solution that is 100% guaranteed to work and the most affordable procedure for hair loss in this decade. 

These hairpieces can be used either using adhesives or tape and, sometimes, they can also be clipped on the scalp. They are styled and customized to mimic the exact look of your natural hair and can be tailored according to every customer's specific needs. It is the most authentic solution if you are worried about men's non-surgical hair replacement cost because it won't put a dent in your wallet while also making sure that you have a head full of hair time.

Since many people from all over the world are going through this issue, it is obvious that if you go on the internet, you will find hundreds and hundreds of solutions. Some people claim that hair transplant surgery is the answer, while others swear by medicines and drugs. But the truth is hair transplant surgery is a luxurious procedure that cannot be afforded by everyone except celebrities and, it does not provide any guarantee that it will work according to what you want.

On the other hand, medicines and drugs are only effective in making your hair loss process slow down, and it takes them a year or something to even start showing effects. It can easily be concluded that these treatments do not only fail to show results successfully, but they're also very costly. Contrary to that, hair replacement systems offer you the best results every single time.

Hair systems are now being used worldwide by filling in the missing hair spots on your head by filling the void with human or synthetic hair. Since it is a solution that can easily be customized according to the type of hair loss, these hair systems are now available in different types and forms. Some of them are being used to treat the balding from the crown issue, while others only deal with a receding hairline.

Male Hairpiece Types

Many kinds of hairpieces are being used to deal with the hair loss issue and, they are primarily categorized by the way they are positioned and fixed on the top of your scalp.

Semi-Permanent Attached Hairpiece

The semi-permanent attached hairpieces use one of the following two methods:

· You are fixing the hairpiece in the scalp using glue or an adhesive. This type of arrangement will last almost four weeks without a touch-up and will make sure that you get a realistic and natural look with your hairpiece.


· Another method is to weave the wig hair that could be human or synthetic, along with your natural hair, into the hair system's base. This method is preferable if you have bald spots and only want to conceal a small area of baldness.

Semi-permanent hairpieces are advised to be removed by a professional or a hair specialist since it can be tricky and sometimes can even damage your existing hair if not handled properly. Manufacturers recommend that you visit your hair professional once in six weeks to ensure that your hairpiece is in good health. It is also advised to clean the scalp frequently to ensure that the skin underneath isn't flaking or building up the oil.

Temporary Adhesive-Attached Male Hairpiece

This procedure of fixing a hair system uses tape to position and secure the hairpiece on your scalp. Even though this kind of hairpiece needs to be handled perfectly if you want a natural look, it is still among the most popular methods because it can easily be performed at home.

Why Choosing This Method Is Beneficial?

Even though there is a long list of why hair replacement systems are the perfect and ultimate solution for hair loss, the two main reasons for choosing this procedure are:

Quick and Effective:

One of the major reasons for the popularity of non-invasive hair replacement systems is quick and effective results. Unlike other procedures, non-surgical hair systems provide you with the most efficient results in no time and, the best part is that you can always go back on your decision and find another hairpiece if you are not satisfied with the one you have right now.

Cost-effective process:

Every other treatment for balding and hair loss comes with a huge expense. A lot of people would even be willing to spend that much, but they don't even guarantee you a 100% result. Men's non-surgical hair replacement cost is bearable by everyone and allows you to spend your life with self-confidence and enhanced self-esteem no matter what your financial status is.

When you first start noticing your hair fall, you might find yourself frantically looking for the perfect solution. And, if they fail to work out for you, it might end up stressing you out even more. This will only make your situation worse since hair fall is triggered by stress.

If you are one of the people looking for the best solution for your hair loss problem, Lavivid offers you the finest quality hairpieces that are durable and cost-effective. 


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