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Something Should Pay Attention on Taupe Mens Hair Piece

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What do you need to notice about taupe mens hair piece? There are many rules before you are ready to wear it. Because you cannot wear right if you do not handle it the right way. Let’s learn more about it.

Men's toupees are easy to wear. First, judge whether the rest of your hair can be clipped by clips. If you can, distribute your toupee on the top of your head and adjust the position of the hairline, and then clip some of your hair with clips.

If you can't use clips, you need to stick glue. First, you need to shave off all the hair on the top of your head. Then, stick special glue for toupees around the bottom of the toupee lace net and stick it on the top of your head.

If it is a hand-made replacement product for human hair, there are two types by area: half lace toupee and full lace wig. Toupee is put on your scalp only. Because it is only the top of the head, it is necessary to have a fixed wearing style.

At present, there are two wearing styles, clip and adhesive, and South Korea has added hook and loop's wearing style. The whole head depends on the individual's head shape and whether it is bald or not.

If the head shape is large, it can be worn directly. If the head shape is small, it needs glue. If it is not bald, it can be worn with clips. Because that whole head is a spherical body, the performance of the toupee depends on the wearing mode is less.

Suggestions on choosing taupe mens hair piece for various face types

1. Elliptical face

Suggestion: The wears with this face only need to change the weight of his hair, and keep his long hair shape more attractive.

2. Round face

Suggestion: The cheeks are a little round, but the overall contour is very good. Therefore, just increase the hair volume at the top of the head and cover both sides naturally, and the face will be perfect.

3. The round face lines are not obvious

Suggestion: The face is fat, so it's best not to have short hair for this kind of man. It is suitable for covering the contour of the face with medium and long hair. The hair can be properly covered for the fatter part, and you can try to cut oblique bangs.

4. Long face

Suggestion: No matter how you change your hairstyle this season, there is a common feature-fluffy, which creates a full top outline. To cover the defect of a long face, a long-faced wearer should fill the hair on both sides of her head to improve her face shape!

Choose a toupee that suits you. When choosing a good color for your taupe mens hair piece, try to choose a hair color that suits your skin color.

Men with light skin color can choose light brown and tan. If the skin color is black, choose black or tan. Men with yellow skin color choose chestnut and dark brown. If you need to touch the light when wearing a wig, choose wine red, yellow, orange-red, purple-red, and so on.

So what are the disadvantages or harm of men wearing inferior toupees?

1. Causing poor blood circulation, leading to swelling of the scalp

Generally, taupe mens hair piece use lace net and clips, because wigs will fall off easily if worn loosely, so they will be a little tighter.

It is easy to cause poor blood circulation, and the obstruction of blood circulation will not only cause scalp swelling and discomfort but also cause hair follicles to fail to get adequate nutrition, resulting in serious hair loss.

2. Easy to be allergic, rash

After wearing a toupee, many men report that their scalp is uncomfortable and they have a lot of small red rashes, which is caused by the sweltering heat of the thick hairpiece. Excessive oil secretion can easily block hair follicles and cause folliculitis and hair loss.

3. Easy to itch, dandruff

Low-quality taupe mens hair piece material is not only easy to get out of shape, but also difficult to clean, so it is easy to cause grease and bacteria residues. Wearing it for a long time will naturally cause harm to the scalp, and the most common ones are itching and dandruff increase.

4. Inferior toupees have carcinogenic risks

I believe everyone has noticed that the price gap of toupees is very large, with thousands of expensive ones. While cheap middle-aged and old men's hairpieces can be bought for only a few hundred dollars.

One of the important reasons is that the materials used are completely different. According to dermatologists, inferior chemical fiber toupees, especially dyed hairpieces, do great harm to the human body. The raw materials contain aromatic amines that are not allowed to decompose, and aromatic amines may cause cancer.


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