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The Biggest Sale for Hair System Has Begun

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Here comes the best sale of the year and it is time to save big. Considering the current production situation of men’s hair systems, it is also a good time to get a backup hair unit. Now these five hair systems are included in this big sale and you can see whether there is one that you like.

Skin Hair Replacement Systems for Sale

Two hair systems are included in this sale and they are Mirage and Coeus poly skin hair units. Both of Mirage and Coeus are skin units and the difference is Mirage’s base is 0.04mm thick which is thinner than Coeus which has 0.08mm skin base, and Mirage has 95% density hair while Coeus has 115% density hair. Mirage offers a better-looking hairline compared to Coeus. However, Coeus has its own advantage being that it is super durable and comfortable to wear. If you wear a fringe or don’t comb your hair backward, Coeus is a really good choice.

Mirage is a very popular style among skin hair systems. Mirage is made of poly paper all over. The cap base offers you a transparent and super thin skin feel that will blend in with your own skin seamlessly. V-looping ventilation method is used in the front 1/8'' of the cap base which creates the most realistic front hairline. Micro-knots are used for the rest of the base, simulating natural hair growth just like your own hair. Mirage yields the most secure fit and you don't have to worry about it coming loose or slipping off.

Coeus skin hair system has poly thin skin all over the base. The base thickness is 0.08mm -0.10mm. It offers you a second-skin feel as well as a secure fit. Coeus is easy to apply and remove.

Breathable Hair Units that Are for Sale

Three breathable hair systems are included in this sale. If you are quite active and a heavy sweater, then these are very good options that you can consider.

Harry comes in a default size of 8” (width - from left to right) x 10” (length - from front to back), and it can be cut smaller to exactly match your own size.

Regarding the base construction, Harry is made of French lace and 2.5” poly in the sides and back. This base structure makes this hair unit more durable and stronger than a full lace base. The lace material used on the base makes the unit totally breathable, and it is a good choice for people who work out frequently, sweat a lot, or have an oily scalp.

Removing tape or glue residue from a poly base is a lot easier than removing it from a lace base. The poly in the back will save a lot of time for you.

Apollo is the strongest and most durable style among mono hair systems. Apollo has 3"x3.5" fine mono in the center and wide poly with gauze in the perimeter. The poly skin area measures 2" in the front, 2.5" on the temples, 3.5" on the sides and 4" in the back. Whether you are wearing it during sleep, showering or when you work out, it will stay on your head securely. If you are going through hair loss, give Apollo a try and you will be amazed at what it can bring to you.

Brad is a brown mono hair system, and it has a combined base of mono and poly around the perimeter. The poly in the perimeter measures 1”, and the base cannot be cut if it is too large for you. It comes in four base size options of 6''x8'', 6''x9'', 7''x9'' and 7''x10''. Please choose the closest size when you place your order.

Brad's base construction makes it really easy for you to apply it and remove it. To apply Brad, you can just apply tape onto the poly in the perimeter. 

If you need any assistance picking out a suitable hair system, please feel free to contact and we are ready to help. 


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