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The Most Concerned Question– How Much Does Your Hair System Cost?

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We receive a lot of consultations every day and we have been asked most frequently at the beginning of our conversations is how much does your hair system cost. Well, it is not a one-sentence answer. So let us explain.

Hair System Cost


When it comes to the cost of the hair system itself, firstly it depends on what kind of hair system you are looking for. Here at LaVivid, we have around 20 different styles including 4 main categories of lace hair systems, skin hair systems, mono hair systems and silk hair systems. All of them have a different price ranging from $160 to $300 after discount. You can use LAVIVID10 to get 10% off for your order on

So before we can answer the question of how much does the hair system cost, we need to pick a suitable style that meets your needs. Then it leads to the question that which hair system suits me. This is also a mostly asked question especially for beginners. Well, it is not a one-sentence question either. When I am asked about this question, I would say how about letting me know you a bit first. It is funny because its like the conversation while you are dating someone. Lol.

Which system should I choose that really has to do with what hairstyle you're going for and what your lifestyle is like. Do you sweat a lot, working out a lot, living in humid weather or have oily scalp? If your answer is yes to these questions, then we recommend you start from our Helios swiss lace hair system. If your answer is no to most of them, then we recommend you start from our Mirage Skin hair system.

The reason why these two styles are recommended is because of several factors. First, these two are both very light on the head and comfortable to wear. Second, they have light to medium light density and works for all ages. Third, based on the feedbacks of our customers, these two are the easiest to work with and also look the most natural at the same time. So you can start from either one of these and then work your way around from there and you can switch to a new unit if this doesnt work so well for you.

To be honest, it is not easy for people to find their best fit hair system the first time they wear it. You need to experience it and see how it works and ok with taking experiments and try different styles to see how they work. Once you have found your perfect work piece, you can stick to it.

Yearly Hair System Cost

The yearly cost also depends on several factors and they are the hair system style you pick, your wearing experience, and how you care about your unit.

The lifespan of a hair system is mainly decided by its base. The thicker the base is, the longer it will last. Also the thicker the base is, the less expensive it will cost. On the contrary, the thinner the base is, the more realistic it will look. So if you are looking for a perfect look, then you need to spend more money. If you want to save money, then you can go with a thick base.

Besides this, if you are an experienced wearer and know how to care for your hair system, then you know how to protect it and then it will last longer. For the same style hair system, some people can wear it for 2 months while some can keep it in good shape for 6 months. This is why.

Styling Cost

When it comes to styling, some people can cut their own hair while some cannot. The styling cost can be very high in some salons. Some even charge five or six hundred dollars for the hair system fitting in service. If you can cut your hair yourself, then you can save that money.

Also, LaVivid also provides a pre-cut service. With your size information and the hairstyle you want, our hairstylist can cut the base to your size and style the hair to the hairstyle you want. This service only costs $40. However, this service is recommended for experienced wearers. You can tell us the hairstyle you want or you can send us the pictures of the hairstyle, it will be much better. Our hairstylist will style the hair as you requested.  For beginner wearers, youd better go to a salon to get the hair system fitted.

Maintenance Cost

Besides the hair system itself, there are side products that you need to use for the hair system. For instance, scalp protector, glues, tapes, release liquid and adhesive removers.


For all these products, they cost around $100 and you can use them for about two to three months. So yearly, you might need $500 a year for the side products. You can find them in LaVivid Hair online shop with a lower price, but the quality is as good as others.

Here you can see why I cannot answer you the question in one sentence. Lol. Any questions please feel free to contact us at


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