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What's the Male Pattern Baldness and How to Treat It?

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By the age of 50,  over 50 percent of males struggling from male pattern baldness. It is not unusual, yet many people do not know a lot about it, so we're trying to clarify in this blog what you'd like and want to know about hair thinning and help you find the cure for thinning hair male.

What is Male Pattern Baldness?

Male pattern baldness, also known as androgenic alopecia, is an inherited medical condition that causes hair loss. It is a genetic disorder that you inherit from your mother and father. Hopefully, this should eradicate any misconceptions of hair loss, which says that this condition is mostly transmitted by genes passed down from your mother!

Male pattern baldness is referred to as "pattern baldness" as it usually occurs in a predictable pattern. A testosterone by-product called DHT triggers hair loss. It does that by making the hair thinner and falling out more within a shorter period; a testosterone by-product is called DHT, which is the biggest trigger for hair loss.  In a particular sequence, the DHT behaves predictably. Thus the term "male pattern baldness" is given to this hair loss. It is so predictable that you can also identify the various stages of how profound your hair loss is by your balding pattern. The hair on the sides and back of your head is not affected by DHT. That's why older gentlemen are often seen with hair on the sides and back and nothing on the head. These various levels are given a name-it is labeled as the Norwood Scale.

The Norwood Scale can help you determine which stage your Male Pattern Baldness is, and if you act fast, you can keep things under control.

Are you Experiencing Hair Loss or Hair Thinning?

As hair goes through various phases in their life cycle, It is common for ordinary people to usually shed around 100 inches each day from our scalp as a step of the hair growth process.  When you suddenly begin to lose more than the approximation of 100  strands of hairs a day over a duration of time, then the natural hair growth lifecycle shifts over to hair thinning, hair loss, and baldness. Hair loss can be slow or rapid, and it can be a practical move to recognize when you are losing hair. Some gentlemen don't realize it is too late, and it can be painful to lose all your hair. So here are some methods you can use to test whether you are losing your hair before you get to that stage:

  • Pull-on 40-60 strands of hair tenderly from 3 different areas of the scalp. This might be a sign of a thinning hair problem if you draw > 10 hairs out.
  • Gather some hair in a bag from the brush or on the floor after combing your hair. For 14 days, do this. This may also be a sign of hair loss if the total number of hairs you harvest over 14 days is more than 100 hairs each day.

Often, when looking at old photos of yourself, you might understand that you are losing your hair. The possibility that your hair is thinning or receding may also reflect on some of your friends and family. You probably have less apparent hair loss in these situations, which occurs slowly.

How to overcome your hair thinning?

Here are several different treatments out there for men troubled about hair loss, to relieve yourself from this trauma of hair thinning. Begin by asking yourself two key questions. You need to think about them to let yourself figure out what you need to do from there:

1. How can I stop any more loss of hair?

2. What kind of hair thinning treatment do I want for myself?

One of the first steps you need to take to settle both questions is searching for your answers from the right source. You have to select the treatment carefully, as we now have several treatment options out there.

Now, simply put, if you are experiencing hair thinning, you will probably try to go for medications as they are the easiest way out, you have hope that after having those medications, you will start growing your hair back again, but with hair thinning, that is not the case. Then you can also go for a hair transplant or laser surgery, but that is, of course, only possible when you have enough money to spare for timely hair surgeries with a gold medal in pain tolerance. When you opt for such medical procedures, there will be a risk of some allergies or reactions. If you are brave and rich enough to go for it, then they might work for you, but there is a better, secure, and more sustainable way to make sure you get rid of your hair thinning problem without risking anything. The simple cure for hair thinning male is Hair Replacement Systems. May it be a lot of bald lines or bald spots, Lavivid Hair with the exclusive hair systems has got you. So have some faith in your heart, relax, and visit our website to get yourself a hair replacement system for yourself. 

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