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The Advantages of Choosing A Human Hair Replacement System

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There could be any number of reasons for you to choose hair replacement systems, wigs, and toupees for your hair fall issue. It could be as complicated as wearing a wig to conceal bald patches and as simple as just wearing it because you want to try something new! Whatever your reason might be for wearing a wig, if you are doing this for the first time, it might get exhausting thinking about how to make it look as natural as possible.

Mainly, wigs are categorized into two major categories, namely synthetic wigs and human hair wigs. Synthetic wigs are usually made from fibers while human hairs are collected from donors all around the world. Even though hair systems made up of synthetic hair have their own advantages, the true hero for providing natural appearance is still human hair replacement systems, wigs, and toupees. 

Human Hair Wigs

If you are seeking to completely transform your appearance, to get up to speed with the latest fashions, hair wigs are the way to go. These wigs are made from natural and synthetic hair combined to make it look as close to natural hair as possible. These wigs are exceptionally soft and flowy and look just like natural hair. The plus point is that you can wear any hairstyle you want; you could even dye it to your liking. However, you still have to treat it like natural hair and care for it like you would for your hair. This means extreme use of heat, product, or dye can cause damage to the hairpiece over time.

Natural hair wigs as compared to 100% synthetic ones are better to invest in since they last you longer. They can also withstand any treatment, styling, dying, and even cutting them to your liking. Another feature of wigs made from natural hair is that they have a natural flow to them that can rarely be achieved by synthetic hair. If treated with proper care, natural hair wigs can last for months. Today, there is a variety of natural human hair and synthetic-natural blend wigs available for you to purchase on! 

Blow-Dry And Heat Your Wig With Caution

Even though human hair systems are easier to style and groom, you still need to be cautious when using heat on these systems. Try not to heat the roots and use an anti-heat spray on the hair to make sure that you do not end up damaging the natural appearance of your wig or toupee. Make sure that you use styling products on the lowest settings and not pull on the hair too much because that might end up loosening the hair knots from the base and make your hair system look tacky over the scalp.

Styling When Damp

Always make sure that your hair is a little damp before you style it to make the styling quick and effective. Try using rollers in wet hair instead of using a heating curler! These little things might make a lot of difference in the durability of your human hair wig. 

Using A Wig Stand

When you are not wearing your wig, ensure that you put it on a wig stand so that the natural curve is not deformed or creased. It will also help you if you are worried about detangling your wig since putting it on a hair stand will prevent the hair from getting into knots.

Wash Your Human Hair Wig

When it comes to washing a human hair wig, it requires a lot of patience and care. Always discuss this with your hair system specialist to find out the best shampoo and hair products for your specific hairpiece. Don't brush your hair wig right after showering and do not pull on the hair to untangle them as well! 

Hair System Durability

Every wig, toupee, and hair system is different from each other just like the specific needs of every individual but the average lifetime of a good and quality hairpiece that has been taken care of is approximately 10 to 12 months before you will need to see a hair specialist again. The durability, quality, and total lifespan of your hairpiece begin the moment it was created, and this is why it is important to choose a trustworthy manufacturer like Lavivid.

A lot of different factors and quirks might define how long-lasting a wig will be that includes the origin of the human hair, what kind of a lifestyle you lead, how do you attach your hair system and what products do you use to maintain the health of your toupee.

If you want to look the best you have ever looked but do not want people to know that you are wearing a hair system, Natural hair wigs and toupees are the way to go! These hair systems offer an authentic natural appearance while providing comfort as well as a boost of self-confidence that will make your self-esteem higher than it ever was.

We understand your wish and desire to invest in a natural human hair system and offers you an outstanding range of human hair systems made up of hair from all over the world. All you need to do is visit Lavivid's online store and find the perfect human hair replacement systems that will provide you with everything that you are looking for and cater to your needs in the best way possible.


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