Toupees are becoming increasingly trendy over time. Many guys are becoming more aware of the benefits of wearing a toupee, and the desire for one is increasing. It's a beautiful feeling to know that men with a receding hairline, hair thinning, or balding can get a simple cure with the use of a non-surgical hair system. They are inexpensive and will revitalize one's hair while also enhancing a person's self-esteem.

With continual advancements in the materials and hair utilized in the building of hair replacement systems, you'll receive immediate results without having to wait – and you'll be able to cover all types of hair loss. You don't have to choose between feeling and appearing well and coping with hair loss.

Poly or Swiss lace?

Toupee companies, such as Lavividhair, have managed to produce high-quality toupees over the years, and there is now a wide range of toupees to pick from. Whether the customer is a first-time toupee user or a seasoned pro, they may be unsure which toupee to select. Because both poly and lace hair systems are common words in the hair industry, the first question men will have when looking for a toupee is whether to go with poly or Swiss lace. This is a frequent inquiry from men who are unsure about which toupee to obtain since they are uninformed of their differences.

Which one should you prefer?

Both lace and poly are fantastic as long as the base material is sufficiently designed to sustain the men's hairpieces. Individual needs are used to determine what is best. Both materials are great and distinct in terms of producing optimal outcomes, and the best basis for you will be determined by your activity, hair growth, hair thickness, flexibility, sturdiness, and lifespan.

The poly hair system!

Poly hair is constructed of a polyurethane polymer that creates the appearance of human skin, which is why poly is also known as skin basis. The see-through poly base layer works in an identical fashion to contact lenses. It is made to appear as if it is a portion of the scalp, with a tiny base to give the incredible impression that the hair is growing directly from the scalp.

Every hair system has advantages and disadvantages. One of the best aspects of polymer systems is how long they endure. Furthermore, because the glue cannot seep into a poly base, they are much easier to maintain clean.

The poly skin hair system on the user's scalp appears like normal skin due to the fragile skin material. The thicker poly skin hair system, on the other hand, is non-porous, which means it is water-resistant, preventing air, perspiration, or water from passing through the poly bases. Unlike lace, the poly skin hair system is V-looped, single knotted, and infused into the polyurethane, creating the impression that it is emerging from the wearer's head. The poly base is light to medium density and has a duration of 1-6 months.

The lace hair system!

Lace hair systems are typically thought to be more comfy and airy for the user because they have a lighter and lower-density basis. Due to the sheer soft and light substance, some customers remark that their hair systems appear more natural. Cleaning and caring for a lace hair system at home, on the other hand, can be more difficult than caring for a poly system. Lace hair systems are so fragile that prolonged soaking might cause them to break down and shed.

Lace systems are advised for consumers who have an exercise regime, live in warmer regions, and want to be comfortable without sacrificing the appearance of their hair. Lace systems are lightweight and appear incredibly genuine, making them ideal for regular wear. This is because the lace material they're composed of is not only breathable but also looks natural and unnoticeable because it blends in with the scalp. You can choose from a range of lace systems at Lavividhair, including French Lace and Swiss Lace.

Lace is at the top of the list when it comes to choosing an incredibly permeable toupee. This is since the lace is constructed of a finely woven mesh with tiny holes that allow for air circulation and breathability. This is one of the reasons why lace hair systems are so popular among toupee users. It's also the most realistic and comfy base. This is due to its lightweight, soft material, which gives the wearer a delectable smooth feeling on their head.

French lace hair system

French lace is a lightweight fabric that is delicate and breathable. The front lace is ventilated utilizing single split knots that are tiny and virtually imperceptible, giving it a smooth look at the hairline. The density of the French lace hair system ranges from light to medium. French lace is fantastic because it can be adequately stretched and shaped to precisely fit the user's head shape. It's a perfect men's hairpiece for a novice wearer who's worried about sweating because of its lightweight and ventilation, and it won't feel heavy on the head in hot or humid weather. The lifespan of the French lace hair system is 3-4 months.

Swiss lace hair system

It is lightweight, softer, more invisible, refined, and permeable than French lace. It is, nevertheless, far more fragile than French lace. It only lasts 1-2 months and just requires a lighter medium density. On the other hand, Swiss lace has a shorter lifespan than other materials, but the men's hair system's translucent thin border on the sides, back, and front make upkeep a breeze. You may cleanse the hair system more conveniently and apply tape and glue with less difficulty. It's also possible to bond it for a more extended period of time.


It's crucial to understand the many sorts of hair system bases, whether you're new to hair systems or have been wearing them for a long. There are a variety of explanations for the various hair base kinds. Not everyone prefers to have their entire head covered. Because of the thinner skin on the scalp, you might desire an adjustable hair base. There are also a variety of other explanations. However, now that you know more about the two most common hair systems, you can make an informed decision about which one is best for you.