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The Introduction of Different Tapes for Hair Systems

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To find out which tape works the best for you, firstly you need to know the basics about hair system tapes. Today, we are going to talk about different hair system tapes and their different functions.

Types of Hair System Tapes

Most hair system tapes we see on the market are mainly in two forms and they are in Contour and in Roll. Depending on the shape, they are used in different ways.


The contour ones have many options including contour shapes of A, AA, B, BB, C, CC, etc. To pick a contour tape, you can select the matched contour shape with your hair system. Contour shape tapes are very convenient to use for the front hairline and curvature perimeters. Itself has a curve, so you dont need to bend the tape.


So at the same time, for tapes in roll shape, they are more for other areas of the base like the middle part of the base.

Daily Wear and Extended Wear Tapes

Some people prefer to remove the hair system on a daily basis while some prefer to leave it on for one to two weeks. Then you need to know which tapes are for daily wear and which for extended wear tapes.

Daily Wear - Red liner Tapes

Among the daily wear tapes, 1522 Clear and Sensi-tak are the most famous ones. If you prefer to remove the hair system every day, both of them work. However, please be noted that they dont stick to lace bases.

One special feature of these red liner tapes is that they dont break down unlike other types of tapes that will break down or meltdown while you are wearing. So people who wear skin units, they firstly apply red liner tape onto the skin base and then apply an extended-wear tape on top of the red liner tape. By doing this, it makes your clean up work super easily.

Also please remember the red liner tape cannot be used directly on your scalp because it is not hypoallergenic.

Extended Wear Tapes

The very famous extended wear tapes would be Walker ultra hold. They are all made to medical-grade and they can be safe to touch your skin. And doesn't produce allergies.


No Shine Tape

No shine tape is for lace units especially with low densities. So if you use No Shine tape underneath, the base is not shining at all. Walker No-Shine is also made to medical grade and can be applied directly onto the scalp.


Here are the basics you need to know about hair system tapes and their different functions. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us by and our experts will help you pick the right style tape.




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