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Some Practical Advice on How to Attach Hair to Lace

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How to attach hair to lace? With the improvement of people's aesthetic level, more and more people who pursue the perfect hairstyle want to make the most suitable wig for themselves. So today we will explain practical guidance about how to DIY wigs. 

Wig technology is non-stop progress. Recently, the emerging process is called the "Drift Buckle", mainly aimed at the forehead hairline with lace inner mesh in this section. Normally, the forehead of lace wigs is crocheted by ordinary hand knitting, Will leave some small black bumps, black bumps more forehead will appear black, a lot of little sisters will feel in front of a little black is not good-looking.

To solve this problem, the "drift buckle" process appeared. The name suggests that it is bleach the position of crocheting and knotting of a lace wig. With bleach color means, the forehead hairline of the hair root, that is, the black knot where all bleach into a lighter color. how to attach hair to lace and make it look natural? In this way, the color is very close to the skin tone, and the viscose feels like hair growing out of the skin. 

The process is simple to talk about, but difficult to operate in practice. Because first, Poor wig hair can’t afford to bleach, easily drift off. And then it's bleached. Time must be very accurate, long time will bleach the hair, short words bleach out of color is not right. and there can be no deviation in the length of drift. Otherwise, it will be jagged and ugly. 

Therefore, the "drift buckle" process for factories and workers is a relatively high requirement. Lace wigs are the hairline in the wig industry are the most natural bottom of a net, now coupled with drift on technology, the degree of nature can be said to be unrivaled. But still the same old problem, lace wigs need viscose wear, more trouble, afraid of trouble to start with friends or to be cautious.


Our lives are always colorful, and we are prone to boredom with a lot of things, such as our hairstyles, but our fast-paced life often forces us to have too much time to take care of our hair. Lace toupee can save me a lot of time and the effect is very long. They also made it easy for me to take care of my native hair. 

If you have the same problem as me, or just want to test your creativity and learn new things, follow the steps I take, you will know how to attach hair to lace and create a DIY shape. There are several different types of wig block hats you need to prepare, and some of the materials you might use hair clip bleach shampoo, and conditioner. 

Before fixing the block to the head, I usually check the lace net to see if the color meets my requirements. If I'm not satisfied with it and think it's too dark, I can bleach it. Apply bleach to the lace hairnet for 5-15 minutes, then wash off the bleach. 

The length of bleaching depends on your requirements for the color of the lace net. Don't over bleach. I usually use shampoo and conditioner to clean the block and receive the hair. If I don't like the color of my hair, I can dye it immediately after cleaning. Then air-dry the hair and use it the next day. Sew the net on the model's head. Take me as an example, I sew the hairnet on the model's head. 

The last thing to do is to sew the lace block in front. This is the most important step to pay attention to, because any mistake in this step may destroy your wig. When you sew lace, make sure to fix one end with a needle, and then sew the other end. After sewing the lace, you'll be able to sew the most beautiful part of your hair. 

Pay attention to start sewing from the bottom, and then point up until you can't see the hairnet. That's it. You can see the effect. If you want to make your hair fuller, you can do it on both sides and at the back. Just clip the clip at the root of your hair. If you choose a wig made of human hair, you can also use dyeing and ironing to increase the shape.


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