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Products You Will Meet When You Start Your Hair System Wearing Journey

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Now it's time to start talking about some of the products that you are going to be using on this journey here. Lavivid has decided to make this video part of the E-course to help you understand some of the things that you may need along your journey that you may or may not think or know about. So this will be a comprehensive list of some of the things that you're going to be needing and each of the facets of using a hair system.  

Tools You Need for Preparing the Hair System before Installation

So the first thing that you're going to need is a LaVivid hair system in order to cut that down to size if you're not using a pre-cut unit you will need to get some clear tape like packing tape. Some Saran wraps, a marker to draw on the actual system to create your template, and some scissors to cut down in the template in which you make. Now in order to cut down the hair system itself, will either need some razors like a box cutter or a high-quality pair of scissors that you can get from a beauty supply store. Either of these will work. 

Adhesives and Scalp Protector

Moving on to the adhesives you need. You will need to pick either a tape or liquid adhesive that is going to be used to bond the hair system to your scalp. I highly recommend that you get a couple of smaller samples of either liquid or tape adhesives at the beginning instead of going for one that is a bulk version of one of those in order to try out different adhesives and see what works best for you. There's a very high probability you won't get the perfect one the first time. On top of this, I recommend you get a scalp protector to go along with your liquid or tape adhesive. A scalp protector is something we haven't talked about yet, but it's very, very important. What it will do is give your bond far longer duration to your scalp. It is something that you apply before an adhesive and helps to make sure there's a barrier between the adhesive in your scalp, therefore extending the bond. There are many of those out there. My personal recommendation is to use Walker Max Hold Sport. I believe it's a great product, but there are many on the market that you can choose from.  

Styling Products

Now moving on to taking care of your hair system, styling, and other miscellaneous items, you will want to start thinking about brushes to use on your hair system. Now if you're unfamiliar with brushes like I was when I first started this journey, didn't know much about them. There are a couple of different ones that we're going to use for different things and this right here is an anti-tangler style brush. Now, this right here has very soft bristles. It has a lot of space in between the bristles and what it's designed to do is help. Gently get out the tangles inside of your head. This will save you from losing a lot of the hair inside of your hair system from being pulled out that you might find another brush might cause now this can give a substantial amount of life back to a hair system if you keep it from getting tangled which is an important facet. So I use this just about every single day on my hair system. 


That being said, there is another type of brush that I use regularly. This right here is a rat tail brush, but it is plastic. Many of us men are familiar with these style brushes that are very common and they're very cheap. You can get them for about a USD dollar and from many stores. I use this a lot to help and get adhesive out of my hair. When I am doing a shampoo and condition of it, it can help to capture some of the adhesives that otherwise can be hard to grab. I don't generally use this on my hair system itself though, because it can pull hair out if there are any tangles if it's not perfectly used. So generally speaking, don't use this on the hair system, but it's great in order to get any adhesive that stuck inside of your natural hair out. 

Now the third type of brush is a round brush. A round brush is cylindrical and has bristles on all sides. This is a brush that you need to be careful with because you can pull out your hair, but it's used often if you're looking to create some volume inside of your hair system. So when you are styling your hair system if you want more volume, a round brush is a tool that you can use and there are many videos on how to use a round brush in order to add volume to your hair online that you can find.

Those are the three main brushes that I use, and then you may want to consider using is a blow dryer. Not everyone uses a blow dryer and be warned if you use a blow dryer wrong, it can take the life out of your hair system. It can make your hair dry. It can damage it. Blow dryers need to be used with caution but of course, many of us have to get our hair dried in a hurry some days. That being said most of the time, it's recommended that you would let your hair air dry, come out of the shower damper with a towel, and then let it dry by itself. But if you have to use a blow dryer, I recommend getting one that has a cool temperature setting. This is really important, and even furthermore, if you can get a blow dryer that has a diffuser on it, that's very important and it'll help prevent damaging your hair. The main thing to look at when you're getting a blow dryer, though, is to make sure that it does have a cool blow drying potential. Otherwise, you may run the risk of damaging your hair.  

Shampoos and Conditioners

First up shampoos. So why do we use shampoos on a regular day-to-day basis? Will shampoos are used in order to clean our hair? They are very effective at doing this, removing extra oil, grease, dirt grime, all of these things. Now, when we have a hair system, it's something that we've got to be a little bit more careful with and buy quality products because our hair systems are no longer living hair that is coming out of our scalp. It's hair that is attached to a hair system and we have to take care of it in order for it to look its best. So a general rule of thumb when buying a shampoo for a hair system is to buy one that has no sulphates, and is paraben free and has no sodium chloride. Even better if you can find one that is for dry, damaged or colored, treated hair, that is going to be a great choice for your shampoo. Let's quickly backtrack and talk about each of those things that are inside of shampoo, so we understand why it is that we don't want them inside of our shampoo. So what are sulphates? Sulfates are actually surfactants which means that they cause a foaming action which is what we get when we generally have shampoo when they're exposed to water. They start foaming which allows them to clean deeper and deeper into our hair and scalp which is the purpose of a shampoo right. However, sulfates can actually make a shampoo too effective and what happens when there are too effective as it removes too much oil and leave it dry and feeling damaged. Now it's not about parabens. What are parabens? Historically, parabens were used in order to keep bacteria from growing. However, it's starting to be shown that parabens may not be as helpful and actually may be somewhat harmful to your hair. Generally speaking, parabens also dry out your hair so it's something to avoid. 

Now let's talk a little bit about conditioners. There's a couple of different conditioners and that you may want to purchase. Now A conditioner is going to add oil and moisture to your hair. It's going to help revitalize your hair. It's a very important part of taking care of your hair system. Generally speaking, you want to look for a conditioner that is designed to treat colored, treated hair or once again dry hair or damaged hair as these will have extra moisture and revitalizing capabilities to them. 

Now, there's another type of conditioner that I think is really important that you purchase in order to make sure that your hair system has a great life and that is a color depositing shampoo, colored depositing shampoos actually counteract the effect of your hair system which is colored to your specific color from starting to wash out and lose its true color which can be an unfortunate experience when it starts to not match your true hair color. It can start to look a little bit different so a color depositing shampoo is designed to counteract your hair system, becoming washed out or another color. Color depositing shampoos are generally specific to your particular hair color. So if you are a blonde and dark blonde light brown medium brown, dark brown black, there are different color depositing shampoos that work specifically for your hair color to make sure that your hair system will have the longest amount of life and duration to it.  

Leave-in Conditioner

And of course, this is a very, very important part of having a hair system I use leave-in conditioner every single day. A leave-in conditioner is generally a spray that you spray into your hair which will help leave it moisturized throughout the day and throughout whatever you have going on in your day-to-day life. Use this stuff pretty liberally. It's going to give you more duration out of your hair system.  

Products You Will Need for Installation

Now here are some things you may want to consider in order to maintain your hair system that involves installing, reinstalling and cleaning all of these different things. I recommend that you get some cotton balls, a big bag of them. It's very cheap at supermarkets, but these can be used in cleaning your hair system when you take them off.  

You might want to get toothpicks. Toothpicks can be very useful in a liquid adhesive bond. In order to fix small hairline mistakes that may occur. You put a little bit of adhesive on the toothpick and can get under the hair system and make sure that everything works out just fine.  

Getting a three-way mirror is really the best thing that you can do if you're going to be installing a hair system yourself. It will help you see in front of you to the side of you and then to the back of you which is infinitely valuable. If you're going to be installing a hair system by yourself, if not, you're going to have to use a mirror on the wall and a mirror in your hand in order to see behind you in order to do some of the trickier things.

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