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Why You Should Try Hair Loss Treatment Dubai?

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How much do you know about hair loss treatment Dubai? In this luxury city, the hair loss problem still can be cured with a big sum of money. For Dubai people, sand is the first product, the second, baldness.

Dude, are you also suffering from hair loss? Have you ever suspected that bathwater is the culprit? If you lose an average of 20 to 50 hairs a day, this is normal, and you will not pay attention to some of your daily life.

However, when you find a lot of hair loss, you may start to blame whether my usual water use is out of order. What I want to tell you today is that this is not the case.

The news agency sampled the chemical content of water in four places in Dubai. After that, it was verified by experts that the reason for hair loss had nothing to do with the water in Dubai.

Hair experts in Dubai explained that people are always used to associating hair loss with water quality. He thinks it's more likely that there is something wrong with your body that leads to hair loss.

Some people are unconvinced that I lost my hair after coming to Dubai. As the saying goes: one side keeps water and soil, and the other side keeps people (interpretation by the good hair translation team). It's not the water. What is hair loss treatment Dubai?

Experts explained that there are three main reasons for hair loss: genetic inheritance, physical health, and mental health.

Experts say: Hair follicles are particularly sensitive to the environment. When you go to a new place, hair follicles will change, not because of water quality. The environment has a comprehensive effect on hair loss, for example, climate change, diet change, environmental change, and even the people you contact.

When a person feels that the external environment changes or there is pressure, the hair will stop growing and fall off. Began to enter what people call the "degradation period", and then the "dormant period".

Hormone content

When you are under too much pressure, your hair stops in a dormant period, which inevitably leads to hair loss. Like stress, problems with hormone levels and health can also lead to hair loss. Experts summarized about 50 causes of female hair loss, such as menopause, diabetes, insulin problems, postpartum depression, zinc deficiency, uterine tumor, vitamin D deficiency, and so on.

Hair experts at the medical center say that there is no research showing that water has a great influence on hair loss. He thinks that the best way to treat hair loss is to find out the cause and then treat it symptomatic.

Although each person's hair length is different, the growth cycle is divided into three stages: growth period, dormancy period, and shedding period.

Experts say: If a person's hair grows for a long time, how long it will become, which is related to heredity and environment.

Inheritance or nutrition

Hair research experts say: malnutrition can certainly lead to hair loss, but more men are caused by heredity (known as male alopecia). The typical characteristics of hereditary alopecia are:

Firstly, the hairline moves backward, then the top of the head is bald, and finally, the hair loss in front is connected with the bald position on the top of the head (that is, the whole front of the head is bald).

He went on to say: "If you (male) find a lot of hair loss in the bath, don't immediately conclude that it is hereditary hair loss, you have to check further to make a diagnosis."Hope you can keep on focus on hair loss treatment Dubai.

Now, if you still have doubts about the water quality, you can install a tap water filter. However, if you really want to find out the cause of hair loss, the best way is to do a blood test, so that you can diagnose whether your hair loss is caused by genetic or health problems.

Hair loss occurs not only among Dubai men but also among women. The treatment is not only to wear wigs but also to choose hair transplant or Scalp Micro Pigmentation. However, I hope you can choose this treatment method which is similar to surgery carefully, and I will further explain it to you in future articles.


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