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How to Choose the Modern Hair Piece for Men?

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Where to buy the modern hair piece for men? Here at Lavivid, we provide the most popular hair toupees for men. We select the four highly welcomed products at our store, introducing their functions and features to you. 

Hairpieces are useful products to solve the problem of hair loss. To cater to different clients’ tastes and needs, hair toupees have many styles. They are designed to be fashionable suitable to wear on many occasions. Here at Lavivid store, we provide premium hairpieces with trendy hairstyles. They are not merely easy to apply but able to give you a fresh appearance, boosting your confidence. 

Those hair toupees all have gone through a careful design and manufacturing process. The classic look enables them never to be outdated. Furthermore, they are also comfortable to wear by combining the advantages of different materials. Here are several recommendations. 

Eros Men's Hair System

This short hair unit is popular among customers. The original hairstyle is classic flexible to various hairdos. It has a full ultra-thin hair base and an undetectable hairline. There is a wide of colors available. Short hair is a perfect choice for businessmen. The thin skin base makes its application and removal easier than other toupees. 

It is made of real human hair rendering the hair system a shiny look and soft texture. It can last for 2-3 months. The original hairstyle is curly. The length is perfect to do the slicked-back hairstyle. 

Helios Hair System for Bald Men

Helios is the thinnest modern hair piece for men. It is light-weighted suitable for daily wear. Its hair base is full Swiss lace giving extreme softness and breathability. Careful hand-sewn lines can ensure the durability and natural look of the hair system for men. You can cut the base if it is too large for you. 

Plenty of colors can be chosen including blonde, gray, and brown. It is hairstyle-free. You can make whatever modern hairstyles you like on them. Before you apply this hair replacement, make sure to wash off the first layer on its base. 

The layer is covered to protect the hair unit, to maintain it in a good condition. According to customer reviews, this male toupee is nice to wear when doing sports. Its highly breathable feature makes it still comfortable to wear even when customers are sweating. 

Lapetus Men's Hair Pieces

This hair replacement system is made of a durable fine mono base and poly perimeter. This hair replacement system has thick and supple hairpieces. Monofilament is one of the strongest materials to make wigs. It is more durable than lace and thin skin. For there is a round of poly surrounding the base, the hair toupee cannot be cut too much. 

The thick straight hair makes its hairstyling easier. It is also flexible to various kinds of hairdos. It can last for 8-12 months. The front is made of French lace so that the hairline looks natural and undetectable. The price of the male hair unit is 306 dollars. It is an economical option. 

Poseidon Men's Receding Hairline Solution

The product is a silk hair system, the most expensive and carefully made type of hair replacement system. This product is made of a deluxe silk base with a 1'' thin skin coating around the base. The original hair is straight. The silk hair system can give you the most natural look. The thin base makes the hairpieces look like growing directly from your scalp. 

The hair knots are hidden well between three layers of silk. Without telling others you are wearing a wig, they will not spot that your hair is fake. The thick poly perimeter longer the life span of the hair unit for men. It can last for 8-12 months. At present, there are two colors of the product in stock. You can order a customized one if you prefer other colors. 


We have recommended four basic types of modern hair piece for men in the above content. Due to different making materials, they have different characteristics. But those products are all of high quality and flexible to popular hairstyles. If you are looking for solutions to cover baldness, you may have a try on our products.


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