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The Introduction of Male Androgenetic Alopecia

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Male androgenetic alopecia refers to when hair is lost in a well-defined manner on the scalp. With time the hairline will appear as it has a shape resembling letter M. In this case hair will be lost at the top of the head and it will usually lead to complete or partial baldness.

If you have this condition your large terminal hairs will be shed and then replaced by very small vellus hairs. There are three areas of your scalp that can be affected namely: temples, mid-frontal scalp and vertex scalp.

Hair loss on the vertex scalp will start centrally and then spread out circumferentially. Hair loss at the mid-frontal scalp will result in a pattern that resembles a Christmas tree. Bitemporal hair loss will start at the anterior hairline before extending posteriorly on the scalp.

All these areas will not be affected equally. This is because some men will lose more hair at the front part of their scalp while others may lose hair towards the back of the scalp.

How can male androgenetic alopecia be diagnosed?

Normally, if you are examined by a medical expert using a dermatoscope, you will realize that your scalp has compound follicles that have between 2 to 5 terminal hairs emerging from one pole. If you have the male androgenetic alopecia, there will be a reduction in the volume of hair in a single follicle. Your terminal hairs at the compound follicles will be replaced by shorter vellus hairs and only a few terminal hairs will be seen. The baldness will only be visible after all the terminal hairs have miniaturized.

What are the causes of male androgen alopecia?

There are many environmental and genetic factors that have been found to cause this condition. However, this kind of hair loss has been associated with many medical conditions such as enlargement of the prostate and coronary heart disease. Other medical conditions that are associated with this condition include high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and prostate cancer. Male androgenetic alopecia can start to appear during the teenage age and its risk will increase with age.

How can male androgenetic be cured and managed?

i) Oral treatment

hair loss

The application of Minoxidil solution to the scalp has been found to slow down the process of hair loss and also restore some hair on the affected part. This solution should only be applied to the affected area and not the entire scalp. It does not require any kind of massage. In case you have cuts, you should avoid applying it since it can cause scaling, redness, itching and dryness. You must use it for at least 6 months so that you can notice its benefits.

Since this condition usually causes by hormonal imbalance one can take finasteride tablets. These tablets have the ability to reduce the levels of testosterone hormone which usually slows hair growth in males.

ii) Self-care

One of the important ways of protecting your hair from loss is limiting exposure to extreme sunlight. You can try covering the bald patches using a hat in case you are stepping out. Avoid overuse of combs and hair dryers, which can cause damage to hair

iii) Wigs and hairpieces

Individuals who have male androgenetic alopecia conditions can use toupees, wigs and other hair extensions which can assist in hiding their loss. There are two types of hairpieces that can either be made of synthetic or real hair. Some of the benefits of real hairpieces are that they are cooler to wear, can be styled using low heat and can make one have a more natural look. On the other synthetic hairpieces are easy to maintain and can last for a long period which is about 6 to 9 months. However, such kinds of hairpieces can easily be damaged by heat.

If you are disturbed by the male androgenetic condition, you should stop worrying since we have a solution for you which has worked for many people. We have a variety of hairpieces of various styles, colors and texture that you can wear. Once you start wearing them the people around you cannot realize if you are inscribed a hairpiece. You can find our hair products by searching for our official site ( Once you access it you can choose the best product which you think will suit you.


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