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LaVivid Brad Mono Hair System for Men

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Today we bring you a new model and it has a high score on durability and breathability. It is LaVivid Brad Mono Hair System for Men.

Base: Brad is a brown mono hair system, and it has a combined base of mono and poly around the perimeter. The poly in the perimeter measures 1”, and the base cannot be cut if it is too large for you. This is why we make this hair system available in several size options of 6''x8'', 6''x9'', 7''x9'' and 7''x10''. Please choose the closest size when you place your order, the base size too big or too small will affect your normal use.

The mono-material used for the base is a super-strong material and breathable at the same time. The poly used around the perimeter makes the base even stronger and more durable.

Color: It comes in three colors of #2 darkest brown, #3 dark brown and #5 cool-toned brown. For the two colors in the below picture, the one on the left is #2 darkest brown and it is #3 dark brown on the right.


Hair: The hair length is 6”, and the hair is straight. It is made of high-quality Indian Remy human hair. The hair is straight, but curls or a slight wave can be added with a curling iron. 

Density: The hair density is 110% medium-light density. It is not too thick or too thin. I work for people in the age range under 40s.

Brad hair system can be used to achieve many hairstyles. Whether you want to wear your hair backward or forward, Brad is a good option to consider. If you have any questions about this model, please feel free to contact us by



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