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The Hair Replacement Services for You in Hair Salon

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Well, you will not be after reading this. To get to the bottom of this from the Salon Owner's perspective, we need to look at it from a different angle. We need to analyze all the factors that should contribute to the decision.

What is Hair Replacement System?

It is a solution for all the hair loss problems men face. Hair Replacement Systems are the hairpieces (Toupee, Scalp cap, wigs, etc.) applied on the scalp that suffers from male pattern baldness or any severe hair loss. These hair systems cover all the affected areas that men want to cover. It is very famous worldwide as it is non-invasive, cheap, quick, more comfortable than the rest, and requires fewer efforts and investments. They also give guaranteed results instantly and can be used as a lifelong option for men's hair loss solution. These hair systems are utterly unrecognizable as they are engineered with such perfection by so many professionals.

Hair Replacement Systems are also very famous because they give you a variety of options to play with. These pieces are made in every hair color, of every type of texture, in a lot of different styles. Men have to pick what seems like the best option for them and go with it. These Hair systems last for about 2-5 months depending upon the kind and type of hairpiece you get for yourself and how you use them.

How many Men Suffer from Hair Loss and Male Pattern Baldness?

Hair loss in men is not a new thing. It has been a problem for men of every age from centuries. These Days, people are more inspired by looks than ever. Facts tell us that more than 50% of men will experience male pattern baldness after they hit their 50s. 15% will suffer from Male Pattern Baldness from a very early age, as early as their teens. Many factors contribute to hair loss, but the salient point here is that more men are suffering from hair loss than you think.

Hair is the game-changer for men. If they do not have their Hair on point, it has a significant impact on their personal and professional lives. There are many reasons connected to it, but mainly because of the stigmas attached to it about looking old, or dull, or not attractive. It is human nature to want to watch the best in the room, knowing some people will have individual opinions about your Hair will tremble anyone's confidence, and it makes sense.

Why would Men Opt for Hair Replacement Systems when there are other means to fix hair loss?

There are minimal options available to fix the hair problems for men, i.e., Hair Transplant, Hair growth Supplements, Laser treatment for Hair Growth, & Hair Replacement System.

If we consider them one by one, we will see that Hair Transplant is too expensive, very painful, and does not guarantee to fix your hair problem for the long term. It requires a lot of patience in time and significant pain-tolerance.

Then considering, Hair Growth Supplements, most people consider them a scam as they will only work for you if you have some deficiencies that are resulting in hair loss, and even in that case, they stop the hair fall. It cannot help in growing them back.

Moving on to The Laser Treatment, like hair transplant surgery, this method is excruciating and expensive, requires a lot of weight to show results, and a lot of sessions to get to the final treatment that will work for you. This is the most expensive type of Hair Replacement.

We are then left with Hair Replacement Systems, which seemingly only has one little con, the stigma attached to it that men putting it on is them not accepting themselves and embracing their looks when in reality it is just a man investing in his looks like he is in any of the methods mentioned above.

How big is the Demand of the Hair Replacement System?

This is my favorite query to answer, well as I stated before that more than 50% of men would experience it in their life. Meaning every 1 out of 2 men is your potential customer. Moreover, every guy wants to look his best, but not every guy has a lot of money to invest in surgical procedures; very few of them go for laser or transplant surgeries. The most sustainable, durable, and pocket-friendly option is Hair Replacement Systems. Everyone can afford them as they are so cheap and looks just like your real hair. 

Where to get the Best Hair Systems from?

men's toupee

As we have established until now, there is no reason you shouldn't have Men Hair Replacement System Services at your Salon. But to gain the trust of your customers and make the most out of them, you will need quality hairpieces; this is where Lavivid Hair comes in. Lavivid Hair has been making hairpieces for men for over two decades now. You are being known for every piece they put out. They have all kinds of hairpieces, wigs, hair systems, etc. They have a wide variety of ever-growing, high-quality options, and hairpieces. They allow you to get custom hairpieces too for men who have different requirements.

Lavivid Hair has Male Hair Units for Sale on cheap, on a very market competitive prices. If we consider the quality of the product and the level of customer satisfaction, it is all a huge bargain. If you are a hairstylist looking for a place to kick-start their hair replacement business, Lavivid Hair has a whole plan for you. They offer you a trial piece before you buy the wholesale fragments from them. They provide you with the business startup package and even provide Hair System Training to you.

What more can you ask for? Well, in case you still do, Visit Lavivid Hair and get all your queries answered.



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