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In Which Situations You Should Go to A Men's Hairpiece Barber

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How often do you take your wig to a men's hairpiece barber? Most of you would say not often, while others would say never. Do it yourself trend has become more and more popular among wig wearers in recent years. Given the thousands of tutorials invading the internet, it may seem easy to solve any problem related to your wig by yourself without paying money to a hairstylist or a wig maintenance expert. 

However, some things are not recommended to be done by the wearers at home, either because they aren't skilled enough or because the consequences of a potential failure are too devastating to allow for an amateur to do the task. Here are some situations where taking the wig to a male toupee stylist is a must.   

1. Cutting

Whether it's thinning out the heavy crown or trimming the forehead hair, there is a lot at stake when cutting the wig hair. Since the hair doesn't grow back, you don't have a second chance to correct your mistake. That's why it is always recommended to see a stylist to do the job for you. Of course, you can do it yourself if you are sure about your success, but you must keep in mind that the risk of failure is high, which can lead you to throw the wig to the trash bin and buying a new one. 

Things are getting even more complicated when you have to deal with synthetic hair. It is hard to manipulate with given its lack of flexibility, and its behavior is different from the human hair's, hence, it's more than probable that you will fail to tame the hair while cutting it, ending up in an embarrassing result. The funny thing is that even some professional stylists can't deal with the wig hair cutting successfully. That's why you have to do thorough research and come up with an experienced men's hairpiece barber who will do the cuts correctly. 

2. Changing the style

If you plan on a radical change of your wig style, no doubt, you must leave the task to a professional, unless you are a stylist. Making the fancy male hairstyles you see on the internet is not as easy as you may imagine. You risk spoiling the wig if you overestimate your styling skills. You are better off to take your wig to a barber and let him do the magic with his advanced skills and special tools that you hardly have them all on hand when deciding to change the wig's style at home. You are going to part with some money, but it doesn't compare with the event where you spoil the wig and spend hundreds of bucks on buying a new one.

3. Dyeing

There are many tutorials online on how to dye a hair system. Indeed, anyone can dye the wig at home if they have the needed supplies and boast such personality traits as accuracy, attention to detail and patience. However, there are some serious risks related to dyeing a wig that not many people can handle, causing them to spoil the hair system and make it unable for further use. One risk is staining the base with dye. Some people overlook the precaution to prevent the base contact with the dye, soaking the entire hairpiece with a coloring agent. This leads to a large stain left on the base that makes it detectable. 

Another mistake has to do with failing to apply dye on each and every strand and on the whole surface of the shaft. This offers an uneven coloring to the hair that makes it look embarrassing. With that being said, taking the wig to a men's hairpiece barber may be a smarter decision than dyeing the hair system at home. 

Final thoughts

Addressing a men's hairpiece barber is sometimes indispensable. While there are many things wig wearers can do by themselves, they will never do it better than a professional. Some procedures, such as cutting, styling and dyeing, come with serious risks and challenges that not many people can handle, either because they are not accurate enough or because don't have proper tools at hand. It is always wiser to pay a visit to a barber who is skilled and equipped with all supplies possible to maintain your wig and give it a new look.  


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