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How to Make A Choice? Skin or Lace Hair System?

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Skin or lace hair system, which one should I choose? Hair systems for people to wear have various types which are always decided by different kinds of materials used on the wig. As the two main types, skin and lace hair system have their own pros and cons, which makes it a little bit difficult for you to decide which one should you choose for yourself. So here I am going to tell you the difference between them and you can make a better choice after reading this. 

Skin hair system

We are going to start with skin and what it does and what it doesn’t do to decide whether you should choose a skin or lace hair system. First of all, there are two different kinds of skin hair systems. There is a standard thin skin that is 0.05 millimeters and there is a new generation thin skin that is 0.03 millimeters. However, the 0.05 and the 0.03 when you get it on your head, you will not be able to tell the difference.

They are both a V loop construction which means that basically these into the base and the membrane of the base down and that is how it stays put very fragile and very not hard to clean the hair system. It is V looped into the membrane and the membrane is super thin. It is almost like a saran wrap feel but a rubberized saran so it is some pliable like stretchy elastic. It does have some elasticity to it when you do that and it does make the skin winkle so you are not going to want to stretch it all that.

The hair system expected life is six to eight weeks is what is quoted from the distributor. In fact, you can use it for another one to two weeks, but the result may vary and if you are gentle with it, you might get three months out of it. And twelve weeks for using a skin hair system is not suggested but is possible.

Lace hair system

Then let’s go onto the lace hair system for choosing skin or lace hair system. In fact, the lace hair system is kind of like a pantyhose material but it feels more rigid than pantyhose because it doesn’t have that soft silky feel and it has more of a string feel. And the base of the hair is very strong. If you try to pull it very hard, it can not be easily ripped.

The lace hair system is also easier to install and it is going to last longer at a lower cost. If the hairline of the one that most people are wearing now is ten, then the lace one would be about eight. Sometimes you will see the little edges there come up a little bit and you have to push them back down with your comb and just get them embedded back into that glue again. Actually, the quality of the hair is good, and overall managing the system just like the skin hair system is no different because it just flips around like normal hair. If you do it in freestyle and not a side part or mid part or anything like that it is just going to go wherever you want it to go.

Bleach knots are a whole another subject that you are going to touch on, but the knots that the factory does on the lace unit are also good but it is not perfect. So could the knots be bleached better? It is borderline. With the dark hair for example, the more you bleach it, the less the rigidity or the less function that the knot itself has, so the easier it is for the hair to fall out because you are just destroying the hair itself and it is going to break away from the base. The longevity is three or four months, so twelve to sixteen weeks cost super low. 

I wish the difference mentioned above can give you help when you decide on a skin or lace hair system to choose. Although the aspects that I took into consideration for making a comparison between the skin and lace wigs are not complete because sometimes it is also important to compare the price, I believe these can still give you a better understanding of the two kinds. At last, what you also have to remember is that the most suitable is the best.


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