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Some Problems You might Have When Trying Your First Hair System

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You might have many questions when you are trying to apply your first hair system. Here are some of the problems you need to figure out, as can be seen in the following.

People might have different hair situations, so please make sure you have your own hair back and sides so that the hair system can blend in well with your own hair. A hair system really is at its best when it's blended into your natural hair, otherwise, it is just quite hard to maintain a quality look. For those people who are completely bald, a full cap wig would be their best option. 

The next thing is about the expectation of your first hair system. Please don't expect it to last as long as you think it's going to last. The lifespan of a hair system not only depends on its base material but the way you apply and maintain it. Many customers will get tangles and knots due to improper maintenance since they don’t have too much experience in dealing with this kind of issue. Sometimes it’s because the adhesives they use leak out a bit and they didn’t clean it in time. So daily routine is quite crucial for expanding the longevity of your hair system.

The third one does not just have one system on hand. Sometimes your hair system might rip accidentally due to an improper way of application. And the shipping will take 5-7 business days and even longer. If you’re wearing a custom hair system, whose production time is 6-8 weeks, you’d better order two at one time for your life and work not being influenced by the inconvenience. So without a doubt that it's always a good idea to have another one in your home. 

The last problem is trying to figure out why you need a hair system. The only reason you want to wear a hair system is you need it. Don’t let other people change your judgment. There are many ways to solve hair loss but there must be the most suitable one for you considering the cost, safety, and so on. If you have any questions about the products or any scruples please email us:


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