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Some Features You Should Know about the Toupee Add Hair

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Many people want to do toupee add hair, but they know very little about it. So I summed up some information about it as following, please check.

What is the toupee add hair?

The principle of the hair extension is very simple, that is to "graft" processed human hair onto the original hair. For real hair is more smooth, easy to dye and scald, and easy to wash, so it is more widely used. To extent hair, need to divide the hair into several small pieces, and then combine it piece by piece, it is a kind of slow work. It can satisfy the appetite of young people who want to make their short hair longer and thicker, and long hair can achieve the effect of deep dyeing without baking color oil. But if your hair length is too short (like a standard inch), you can try belt hair, which requires a shorter hair length than other types of hair extensions.

Hair extension is to connect your hair to your real hair, which can instantly change your hair from short hair to long hair. Different types of hair extensions take different ways. Some types of hair extensions must be completed by professional hairdressers, while others can operate by ourselves, such as clip hair and so on.

How many types of hair extensions?

The hair for hair extension is divided into real hair and fiber two types, and real hair is divided into three grades, Smooth hair, super smooth hair, and original hair these three type! If you choose smooth hair, your hair will easy to knot, which will affect the effect of hair extension and damage your hair. The original braided hair is the top quality in the market. It will never knot and will not damage your hair.

If your hair became longer and thicker and what you chose is real hair, then the price for hair extension is between 1000Yuan-2500Yuan according to the length of the hair. If you attaching a lock of color hair just for mood changing, the price for that is around 250Yuan. And the price will be lower if you chose fiber type.

Do hair extensions affect the health of the hair itself?

Will hair extensions cause damage to the hair itself? This question may be the top priority that everyone is concerned about. Hair extension will not cause alopecia. Hair extension is a way of beauty salon, as long as you keep the hair clean and hygienic, it will not have any impact on the body. It's best to choose a professional hair salon instead of a barber's. You should choose a good type of hair. If you get the original braided hair, it won't fall off. Hair grafting will not affect the growth of the hair itself. In daily life, you should keep a good mental condition and avoid tiredness and staying up late, you should eat more vegetables and fruits and exercise regularly. If you keep a good lifestyle, how can your hair not grow? The reason why some people think that hair is harmful to their hair is that they don't know how to protect their hair after extending it. After extending hair, we must have correct nursing, and do the following:

1. After shampooing, use professional hair care, keep the hair wet and comb smoothly. Blow on the hair from root to the tip. Don't let the hair dry naturally. A third-rate hairdresser will tell you that it's better to have your hair semi-dry or dry without blowing, which is absolutely wrong! Be sure to blow dry! The comb used for hair every day must be round head with wide row spacing. Do not use too much force when combing. Cover the middle of the hair when you blowing, comb the tip of the hair smooth first.

2. Shampoo and conditioner must be acidic.

3. Be sure to blow dry after washing. Don't do it naturally. Water will open up the scales of the hair and let the nutrients run away.

4. When blowing, the air duct should not be too close to the hair root.

Above all are tips for toupee add hair, did you get it? I will share more about the hair extension, please pay attention to our website.


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