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How to Choose Tape Adhesives for Men’s Hairpieces

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Pale pattern baldness is also known as alopecia, is growing more common as time passes. After extensive experiments and research, the general public has come to favor wearing prosthetics rather than medical procedures. Hair replacement systems are getting more and more common every day. From celebrities to normal people, they are now integrated into everyone's life.

Many men have started suffering from balding or receding hairline at quite a young age now. The most affordable and practical way to deal with this problem is using toupees or hair replacement systems. But to so in an efficient manner, you need to know the basics of hair replacement systems, from the kind of wigs available to the material, fiber, and bases, as well as attachment and removing methods. Read more of this article to explore the basics of wearing a hair system. 

The Two Main Types of Attachment Methods 

To wear a system that allows you your preferred comfort and feasibility, you need to learn the different types of the way you can attach your hairpiece. A wide range of methods require expertise from a salon or can be done at home by inexperienced hands. There are clips and ties and many other methods. The two most common types of wigs that provide the most natural look are a bit on the trickier side but worth all the effort. 

Glue on Hairpieces

A semi-permanent method for wearing hair systems is using glue or adhesives. Specially formulated according to skin and base bonding, these are incredibly secure even if they require a bit of expertise. One application will last until you shower; these are incredibly good for one time wearing since they do take some time and effort. 

Tape for Hairpiece

These are the most favorable for people who tend to wear different styles or for short periods; while they are very secure, they are also extremely easy to apply and remove. The hairpieces that use tape are less delicate and typically last as long as a year if treated with care. Since the hairpiece tape for men doesn't require any expertise, heat tools, or adhesive glue solutions, there is very little you can do to cause damage to your natural hair. 

Proper Guide for Hairpiece Tape 

With the growing use of hair systems and toupees, there is a greater requirement for understanding wearing one's methods and details. There are many benefits of using a tape adhesive, especially for inexperienced personnel. Tape adhesive wigs not only costs lesser than glue adhesive but are also sturdier and blend with your scalp, so naturally, you will have a perfectly blended hairline.

Hairpiece tape for men comes in more than one different type, depending on your scalp sensitivity to your hair system base. It also varies due to the material itself, the type of formulation, and one application's longevity. 

Short period adhesive tapes

Suppose you are one of those people who switch their hairstyles every day or very often. Perhaps you only wear a toupee on special occasions, or there's a photoshoot you need to attend. Short term toupee tapes are the best for these. At the same time, they will typically last almost a week on their own. They can be removed very easily in just a couple of hours. Unlike glue adhesives, hairpiece tape does not require any waiting. 

Elongated period adhesive tapes

These tapes are sturdy and strong. They bond with your scalp long term and require removing solutions to take it off. These tapes usually have small holes or puncture to allow breathing space for your skin while maintaining a strong bond; these hair wigs can be easily worn for 4-6 weeks. 

A Guide to Remove Your Hair system Efficiently.

Hairpieces tend to be long-term investments; they require proper care and treatment. From appliance to removal and cleaning, you always need to make sure that you're doing it right, or you might end up causing damage to not only your hairpiece but also your scalp. Any mishandling during the removing process could end up with irritated skin.

There are different solutions and solvents for different types of adhesives, whether they're glue or tapes. Another thing that you need to ensure when removing your hairpieces is that you clean them off properly. Any residue of adhesive on the scalp or the base of your hairpiece is going to cause ineffective bonding the next time you wear a hairpiece. It is also important that you make sure you're using the right solvent for the base, as well as take note of any skin conditions or allergies. For tape adhesives, the best and the most harmless kind of adhesive solvent is oil and citrus-based removers. 

Oil and Citrus Based Removers

Removers that contain citrus, as well as an oil base, tend to be light on the scalp. They are an efficient method to remove any adhesive residue and can be used for an extended period without causing any damage or reaction to the skin. The oil in the solvent ensures that your wig bases don't get damaged during the cleaning process. The absence of alcohol and harsh chemical causes the removers to be effective while being very eco-friendly and allergens free. 

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