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The Best Choose of Hair Systems Made From 100% Natural Human Hair

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Hair loss is a natural process, but an extensive and noticeable loss of hair from your scalp is not natural. There could be many reasons for hair loss ranging from hereditary issues to medications. The most common reason for hair loss in men is due to genetic conditions. Baldness is a common condition that can be passed through genes. This type of hair loss condition is known as male pattern baldness. 

Male pattern baldness is also known as alopecia, is caused due to overproduction of a hormone called androgen. In this condition, the hair follicles become inflamed due to excess of certain hormones and damages the hair. Over time the hair grows thinner and eventually falls off. The balding process in male pattern baldness can take up to 25-30 years, depending on the severity of the condition. 

Treatments for Your Blading Head

While some people are okay with going bald, not everyone is willing to face that reality. For most people, it's a big deal to start losing hair in their twenties or even earlier than That. To deal with this problem, many solutions are ranging from medication to surgeries to home remedies. This typically helps slow down the process or prevent it if you start medications very early in life. But they, of course, have their side effects such as medical problems, allergies, infections, etc. To this day, the best option to cover up hair loss is hair replacement systems.

Hair replacement systems are also called wigs or toupees. They are a quick and economical solution for dealing with hair loss. The quick time frame and the no-risk factor gives hair systems an advantage in the industry. 

Choose The Best Toupee For Yourself 

When it comes to types of wigs or toupees, there are hundreds of options to choose from. The hairpieces vary in fibers, fabrics, bases, attachment methods, durability, and much more. 

Hair Piece Bases

When it comes to base, there are mostly two types that can be adopted in many different attachment methods. The more expensive and more natural wigs consist of a mesh base. These wigs allow you good comfortable wear and breathability. They are easy to blend in and appear more natural. However, they tend to be on the delicate side, and even with the higher price point don't last too long. The other type of base is a polymer. Polymer base hairpieces might not be as natural or comfortable to wear, but they are cheaper and last for a long, long time. And they still give you a near-perfect look. Both these bases can be worn using any method of attachment. 

Hair Piece Attachment Methods

When attaching your hairpiece, you can choose from the three most common methods. The most professional and semi-permanent method is using liquid adhesive. For this method, people typically go to a saloon since it involves using adhesives and mixtures and can be tricky to use. This hair system is most durable in the sense that it is attached by professionals and is also very firm. The second more user-friendly option is to use double-sided tape. A special tape designed specifically for your scalp can help you secure the hairpiece to your head. This method can easily be adapted at home and doesn't require any professional expertise. It is, however, a bit risky during wet or hyper activities. The third option consists of the tape and the glue both. This can be done at home as long as you have experienced hands and can handle the liquid adhesive. This is the most people-friendly method since it can be done at home while being very effective. 

Types of Fibres In Hair System

Deciding on the fiber of your wig can be a tough decision. Hairpieces come in two types of fiber. Human hair and synthetic hair. Both fibers have their list of pros and cons. Every person has a different set of priorities and might prefer one over the other. The men's hairpiece 100% human hair replacement wig is made from natural virgin human hair. These are untreated natural hair made into wigs. While they are more comfortable to wear and natural to look at, they are pretty expensive. Just like your natural hair, they can be washed, treated, and styled using heat tools. But they can also get damaged pretty easily, just like your own hair. Synthetic hair, while not being the most comfortable and is tricky to handle, is much more economical. They cannot be styles or treated, but they also don't need to be washed, and once they are, they don't lose their styling, unlike the natural hair. Going further some many more advantages and disadvantages will help you decide which hairpiece to buy. 

Why Are Human Hair Wigs the Better Option

The men's hairpiece 100% human hair replacement wig is costly. But if they are properly taken care of, they can still last a long while. There is a lot of reason that will make you decide on getting the natural human hair wig. First off, the versatility. These hairpieces are easy to treat a style; they can be dyed, treated with heat tools, braided, sprayed, or any other thing you would like to do. These hairpieces offer you the most natural look since they indeed are natural hair. Moreover, human hairpieces allow you to choose a style that is as close as possible to your natural hair.   

At Lavivid hair, you will find the best option for your hairpiece, whether you decide on a synthetic fiber or a natural human hair system. We have all of the best qualities to make your experience worthwhile!


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