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The Best Hairstyles for Men Who Are Always On-Trend

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Haircuts like fades, quiffs and pompadours which were very popular in 2019, are still on-trend in 2020. Although barbers all over the world are innovating new hairstyles. Undercuts with different designs, different level fades and even buns or braids will continue to be seen. Below you will find the best hairstyles for long, short, mid-length, curly or straight hair.

High Fade Haircut

high fade haircut

A high fade haircut is a striking and stylish look. The hair fades within 2 inches below the top of the head. The sides fade to short creating a sharp finish. It does require certain technique for the barber to blend the fade in with your skin. This type of fade can be used together with any haircut including undercut, Loose Pompadour or Hard Part and Quiff.

Low Fade Haircut

low fade haircut

For a low fade haircut, the hair fades midway through the sides and back. The taper takes place at the bottom part and moves from behind the ear and towards the nape, creating a neat and clean look. The low fade helps make the whole haircut more prominent. Low fade hair has more gradation of hair.

Mid Fade Haircut

Mid fade men's hair

For a mid-fade haircut, the hair on the sides and back is faded very close to the skin below the temple area. The mid fade haircut is between high fade and low fade. If you don’t want too much back and sides on show like the high fade haircut but still want definition, then go for a mid-fade haircut. Compared to the high fade hair, the contrast for a mid-fade hair is smooth and balanced. Besides this, a mid fade haircut can go with many haircuts like comb-over, textured spiky hair or a cropped top.

The Pompadour


The Pompadour haircut can be traced back to the 18th century. the basic concept is hair swept upwards from the face and worn high over the forehead, sometimes in a sweeping motion. In current times there are many variations of this haircut, such as shorter pompadour haircuts or different styled ones. A pompadour haircut is perfect for longer hair on top. You can make this hairstyle yourself using a blow drier and a brush.

Slicked Back Undercut

comb back hair

The slicked back undercut is growingly popular,and people who wear hair systems often like to have this haircut. The slicked back haircut is suitable for almost every occasion,it is perfect for work, it can be worn on a date, or worn casually.

You can decide to have a long or short undercut on the sides, having it to be a high fade, mid fade or low fade as you wish.

Man Bun and Beard

man bun

The man bun together with a beard seems to be a forever lasting trend. It is an easy hairstyle for men who have mid-length or long hair. It is simple to make and can be worn in an effortless laid-back style or dressed up to look more polished.


buzz cut

The Buzz cut is the most popular short hairstyle and it includes the butch cut, crew cut, flat top and ivy league. A buzz cut style can make the face look more chiseled and many people who have thinning hair or a receding hairline opt for this effortless style.

Do you also want the same hairstyle but cannot because of hair loss issue? Don't worry. You can get any of these styles with a hair system with no problem at all. All you need to do is picking a model that suits you and get it cut to the hairstyle you want.

men hair system

This is a before-after picture of a hair system. It completes your face and make you look a lot better. 

We offer hair pre style service, you can tell us which kind of hairstyle you want or send us the hairstyle pictures, and our hairstylist will make it as your request.  If you have any questions or need any assistance on this, please feel free to contact us at and our experts will help you out. 

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