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Choose The Best Remedy for Baldness: Hairpieces for Men

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Androgenetic Alopecia or Male Pattern Hair loss is the most prevalent kind of hair loss in men. Half of the men of age above 50 years suffer from male pattern hair loss or androgenetic alopecia. Both factors of hormones and genes cause this condition. Some hormones alter the hair follicles on the scalp of the head. The hair that grows afterward from these hair follicles is thinner, has a smaller diameter, smaller length, while there is an impact on the hair color. Androgenetic Alopecia is hereditary. It can be inherited from both mother and father. The symptoms of hair loss include the receding hairline and thinning of hair. After puberty, men observe hair loss. Androgenetic alopecia is permanent hair loss. Hair loss can be temporary in certain cases, such as a side effect due to medication for another disease.

It can be diagnosed by the check of the history of the scalp. Hair is lost firstly from the top of the head, and then it continues. It progresses very slowly. Years and decades pass till complete hair loss. Hair loss can take a toll on the self-approval and confidence of the men suffering from it. This could lead to a harmful impact on their personal and professional lives. There are certain cures to this hair loss, both surgical and non-surgical. Hair replacement surgery is one of the surgical hair replacement solutions. Out of all the treatment options for solving the problem of hair loss, the solution of hairpieces for men natural is the easiest, cost-effective, and comfortable one.

What Does It Mean by Hair Pieces?

Individuals suffering from male pattern hair loss can wear wigs, hair extensions, toupees, or hairpieces to disguise their baldness. There are two kinds of hairpieces based on the hair used for the making of the hairpiece. It could be made from natural or real hair as well as synthetic or industrially manufactured hair. The use life of synthetic hairpieces or toupees is about 6 to 9 months. They could last for the stated time conveniently. The toupees or hairpieces made from synthetic hair can be maintained and washed easily, but they are also susceptible to damage when they are heated. Also, when one adorns synthetic hairpieces, one may feel hot. Considering real hairpieces, the biggest disadvantage is that their maintenance is more challenging, i.e., one has to wash them frequently. Otherwise, these hairpieces look real and can be styled easily as they are less susceptible to damage while heating. Also, they are easier to wear in the hot season.

Hairpieces are ideal for hiding and covering the bald spots on the head's front, top, or sides. They show the hair to be thicker, fuller because they blend with some already present hair easily. There are pressure sensitive clips that can be used for moving the hairpiece in the right position. Hairpieces are the best solution for disguising hair loss because they can be applied for any condition of hair loss, whether male pattern hair loss or other. They also provide instant results while in the case of surgical treatments, they take months and sometimes years to improve the condition, while just wear the hairpiece, and in a second, hair loss is gone. Hairpieces also do not pose any health threat; they are entirely safe to use and apply.

Hairpieces have been used since the 4th century when they were used to represent class and rank in society. Hairpieces are also used during the timely process of hair transplantation surgery. But, irrespective of the surgery, they could also be used. 

Types of Hairpieces and Wigs

There are various forms and types in which hairpieces come. They could be attached to already present hair for the concealment of the disliked bald spots. Or they can directly be stuck to the scalp using tapes or glue for making one's head appear full of hair. Hair extensions, hair weaves, non-surgical hair replacements, toupees, or partial hair additions are made from human hair or synthetic fibers such as acrylic fiber or a combination of both human and artificial hair.

Acrylic or synthetic hair is easy to care for, wash and maintain. But their disadvantages are that a small amount of heat could easily damage them. Hairstyling tools or standing near a heat source could potentially disfigure hairpieces made out of artificial hair. Another major con is that they are extremely hot and unbearable for wearing in the summer season. They can last for half a year to 9 months.

Original or real hair has a very natural appearance. The hair styling tools can be used upon them for fashion on low heat settings. They could be worn easily in summer and winter alike. They can be used for at least two years, but they could last longer if they are maintained properly.

Hairpieces could be attached to the head using specific double-sided tapes or hair glues. You need to go to a salon or hairpiece facility for wearing a hairpiece, choose the color, design, texture, and buy the toupee straightaway. The biggest advantage of hairpieces is that various styles could be changed according to will. There are temporary and permanent toupees. The permanent toupees have wearing time of days to weeks, while temporary toupees are taken off after a day. And the next day, they are worn again.

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