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What's Impact of Black Men Hair Piece?

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Black men hair piece can be regarded as "just needed" in Africa. As long as they have the financial conditions, African men, men, and children start to wear hair products from their teenage years. Beauty lovers, especially office workers, have at least three or four wigs per person. 

The huge demand has made the African market the second largest consumer market for hair products in the world: Wigs are not only popular among black men, but black men also like to pursue personalization through hair products, and their desire to consume hair products is much higher than others. Ethnic male. 

The consumption frequency of hair products in the African market is high, and the consumption cycle is relatively short. The shortest is chemical fiber spring, usually about half a month, and the longest is human hair set, which is about 6 to 12 months. 

In this sense, wig products have the characteristics of fast consumption, especially men with strong financial ability who will use and consume hair products for a long time, frequently and repeatedly. 

With a large population of black Africans, their physical characteristics will make it the fastest-growing market for wig products in the world. Africans have unique hairstyles, and black and dense hair is very precious to Africans. Africans love hairdressing, which gave birth to the African hairdressing industry. 

Africans, adults, and children, as long as they have certain financial conditions, will wear hair products, and office workers even have 3-4 wigs per person. So why do Africans love hairdressing? How big is the African hairdressing industry market? 

Wearing wigs is a fashion in Africa, and the hairdressing industry is an industry worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Local men spend a lot of money on hairdressing. Braiding and hair extensions are even more popular in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. Here, you can hardly see local men with natural hairstyles. 

It is reported that wigs are usually made of chemical fiber and animal hair, and good quality wigs have high human hair content. And because of the different quality and length of the wig, the price is also different. African wigs generally last for about a month and require special care products to take care of them. 

Whether people are poor or rich, they want to make their images look good. Wigs have long become a necessity for Africans. Wearing wigs has become a reality. In this kind of fashionable Africa, some African men prefer natural hairstyles. They were tired of using wigs to cover themselves and began to admire natural African hairstyles, boldly displaying their African hair quality. 

 “I like my natural hair, which is comfortable and easy to take care of. This hairstyle allows me to feel my existence.” Some black male elites also started. Advocating natural hairstyles, they identify with themselves, accept themselves, and confidently show the beauty of African men. 

How big is the black men hair piece industry market? Although they are not wealthy, most African residents are willing to spend money to take care of their hair and have a high demand for wigs. This just confirms that Africa's hairdressing industry market has great potential for development, which has attracted business giants such as Unilever to enter the African market. 

In recent years, the overall economic scale of Africa has continued to expand, and the population is expected to reach 1.3 billion in 2020. The attraction of the African wig market is the new middle class. The African Development Bank defines it as a group whose average daily consumption is between US$2 and US$20 according to its purchasing power evaluation criteria 

It is reported that the proportion of the middle-class population in Africa that fits this description is rising, and the rapidly growing middle-class group in Africa has opened the door for foreign companies to explore the black men hair piece market. 

At present, because most African men are willing to spend money to take care of their hair, the African hairdressing industry has become an industrial market worth hundreds of millions of dollars. At present, the high demand of the African hairdressing industry is mainly reflected in two aspects: one is the continuous demand of Africans for hair care, and the other is the high demand of African men for black men hair piece.


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