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The Most Comprehensive Guide of Men’s Hair Replacement Systems

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So this part right here is going to be all about the different options that you have when it comes to hair systems. Now, when it comes to hair systems, there are two main things that you're going to want to think about. As you're getting started with, you're going to want to think about what the base material is, and then you're going to want to think about the hair itself. 

Hair System Hair

Now, when we talk about hair systems, we break up the type of hair into a couple of main categories. 

There's synthetic hair. There's Chinese hair, Indian hair and European hair. Now, these all denote a different quality that each different ethnicity tends to have insight of their hair, European hair being finer and Chinese hair being much coarser, the diameter of the actual hair being much wider. 

All of the Lavivid stock units are going to be primarily Indian hair, except for the Cronus model, which is a European hair, which is a great option if you are of European or perhaps now American descent or hair is usually finer and a little bit thinner than our Indian and Chinese counterparts. 

How Is the Hair Processed?

Regarding how the hair is actually processed, Lavivid hair is all Remy hair. Remy hair means the root and tip of all of the hair are facing the correct and the same direction. Now, this is generally found in more quality hair systems, such as what Lavivid offers because it helps avoid the hair itself matting or tangling.

Once the hair is a line from cuticle to endpoint, all in the same direction, therefore making it Remi hair, it is then dyed to your specific color. Remember, Lavivid has about sixty-four different colors of hair that you can choose from and match your hair up to. From this point, the hair is processed. It has dyed to your specific color. Now it's important to note here for those that are a little bit more experimental with your hair is that if you want to dye your hair system after you get it because it has already been processed, you can go darker but not lighter. It's really recommended that you see a hair color specialist because hair that has been processed requires a little extra attention to get right. Hair coloring is a very tricky business and not something that's recommended for an amateur. 

Synthetic Hair

Now you're probably asking yourself the question. What about synthetic hair? Synthetic hair is used inside of Lavivid hair system, but only for one thing, and that is used to provide some gray hair if you so choose inside of your unit, for example, and this may not mean much to you right now, my particular color of hair is a seven ash with Lavivid that's my hair color code. I can say I want a seven ash in any single unit, and I know it's going to be my hair color. However, as I age, I may have some more grey hair inside of my hair system. When that happens, I will tell Lavivid I need a seven ash with whatever percentage of grey that is required in those gray hairs. When you get gray hair inside of your unit, it may or may not be synthetic hair. The way to tell is if you ask for a unit that is forty percent or less grey is going to include synthetic gray hair. However, if it's more than forty percent is going to be human hair grey. Also for custom orders, people can choose to use synthetic or human gray hair, no matter what the percentage of hair that they get, if they so desire to get a custom unit. 

So if I say I need a seven ash ten percent of grey. They will provide ten percent of the gray hair to be synthetic. 

Hair System Base

Now that we've actually talked about the hair inside of a hair system. Let's talk about some of the base options that you have as previously mentioned in another part of this, Lavivid has over twenty options of the basis for you to choose from in their stock units. If you want to, you can go further and completely customize the base yourself if you don't find something that you're looking for. So right now I have some bases here with me today, and we're going to talk about them in a couple of different categories. 

Metrics to Determine the Base

So the first category is the durability. The second category we're going to talk about is going to be breathability, meaning how much it lets air get through. This is going to be important if you do a lot of physical exercise. The last category that we're going to talk about is believability.

How believable is it to be eyes, is it something that if someone is really inspecting, they're going to be able to tell that you're wearing an air system or not? Those three categories are really going to be kind of our metrics are sliding scales for determining, what is the pros and the cons, and what it is that you're going to choose for a hair system which we'll talk about in the next portion of this ebook.

Mono Base

So the first type of hair system out there is a mono base. Now a mano base is perhaps the most durable hair system that you will find on the market. You can easily get over six months duration with a Mono unit. These are very durable units. Mono usually only comes in thicker densities, meaning above a hundred percent. So if you have thicker hair, this is a great option for you. 

However, if you have thinner hair or if you want a much thinner look, mono will probably not be the option for you. It is the most durable, so we'll give this a ten on the scale of durability. Now, as far as breathability, we're going to put this somewhere in the six to seven to eight range, it's breathable. It is a lace type unit, meaning that is fibrous that you can actually see through the unit because there is actual air space in between the knitting of it, if you will, so as far as believability, this is going to have to go down around a two or three. For how believable it is, it's not the most believable unit that Lavivid or anybody carries. If I am to pull my hair off to the side, and if I was to where it swept back or something like that, mono is not a good option. If you wear your hair with bangs or a fringe or something like this, it's something that you may be able to consider.

French Lace Base

let's move on to lace based units. There are two main types of lace out there that you are going to encounter. 

The first is French lace, and we're going to talk about that right now. A French lace is the more durable and stronger of the two lace options. When we put it on our scales first of durability, we're going to put French lace up around a six to seven mark. It's going to be quite durable. Now, as far as breathability, these are going to be absolutely fantastic units, we're going to put them up at like the eight-issue range. As far as the believability of French laces, it's great. However, there are things that are better for believability, so we're going to put this up at this six to seven. A French lace unit is a great option for someone who is very active, who wants a believable look, wants some breathability but also wants some durability. It’s not quite as durable as a mono base but still, this is going to be a great option for you. 

Swiss Lace Base

Swiss lace is much finer and much more delicate than French lace. The durability of it is going to be much lower. We're talking in the range of a three to four for durability. As far as breathability is going to be ten. This is going to be fantastic as far as breathability. When it comes to believability. This is going to be one of the most believable units that you can possibly get. A Swiss lace is a fantastic unit if you are looking for a very believable front hairline and scalp appearance. So that's going to be up in the nine to ten area. 

Thin Skin Base

What is thin skin? Thin skin is actually made from polyurethane. Polyurethane is a plastic material. Thin skins come in many different thicknesses, meaning that the thicker it is, the more durable it is going to be. A point zero three thin skin unit is the thinnest skin unit. It is great because it matches right up to your scalp. It is very believable. However, a point zero three is not very durable. This is going to be down around the Swiss lace ranges, in the three to four to five range, but it is not breathable. Thin skin units do not breathe. They are plastic materials, which means that if you are very active, you are not going to be wanting.

A thin skin unit is going to get very hot. It could get a little bit itchy, feeling a little scratchy, and that's not something that you're really going to want to go for. So this is a great option if you do not do a lot of exercise. If you live in a cooler climate, a Poly thin skin can be great for you. Now you can up the durability of a thin skin unit if you get it a little bit thicker. There are thicker options out there, so when you're looking at skin units, make sure you check how thick is it. 

Silk Base

Now, lastly, we have another type of base this is a silk base. Silk bases are fantastic because they have a very natural looking scalp appearance. The hairs themselves are knotted, they're injected into the silk and there are multiple layers, so there are absolutely no knots that can be seen. So if you're looking for a great scalp look, a silk unit could be great for you. Silk units are a little bit thicker, which means that they are a bit more durable. 

So this is going to be up in your seven to eight range. However, silk units are also quite breathable, not quite as breathable as a lace unit, but still quite breathable. So we'll give them a seven out of ten. However, silk units are a bit thicker, so their believability is not quite as much. However, it does have a great scalp appearance, So we will give the believability number a five out of ten. These are not all of the options that you have, it’s not just these couple of different bases.

The beautiful thing about hair systems is that you can mix and match some of these bases. You'll find that Lavivid has a product line that varies. You'll find mixes of polyurethane with French lace. You'll find some polyurethane with a mono center, giving you that extra durability. While giving you some of the believability of polyurethane, you'll find all of these different characteristics mixed and matched for you to choose what's best for you, and if you can't find what you're looking for, you can always custom order something that they don't even show you on the website. You can order something very specific and they had can have a custom made for you, which is always a great option for those that are more season inside of hair systems, and know exactly what they want.


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