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How to Choose the Matched Hair Color for Your Hair System Effectively and Quickly?

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Today we're going to be talking about something that is so vitally important this is probably one of the most important things that you can do when you're getting a hair system when you first start and that is getting the right color something that's simple but not always easy. 

The most important things in order for you to look great in your hair system for it to be pretty much indistinguishable is making sure you have the right haircut, making sure that you have the right color of your hair and making sure that you have the right density. 

Dilemmas You Probably Have when Picking A Hair Color

Getting the right color can be a really frustrating process for people. Generally when you want to get a hair system and you want to get into it quickly. You want to order a unit and you want to have it arrive in a week and you want to have it installed within a day and you want to be on your way and live your brand new life. However, you will find it very hard to pick the right color.

For most people when you first start and you want to get a hair system online and match up the color with what you see on a website. You probably will find something that looks right to you and hope it will be a good match.

Well, the reason that doesn't work is one because all of our computer monitors are calibrated differently with colors. For a single hair color picture, it might look different on different computers or cell phones. Another problem is in what lighting the hair color photo was taken. Different lighting will make the hair color picture very differently.

Best Way to Match Your Hair System Color

There are actually two options that you can consider to get your hair color matched. The first option is probably going to take a little bit longer. You will have to grow your hair out to probably about an inch long at someplace maybe just a little ponytail or something like that.  Then you'll probably send this into a hair system distributor and they'll take your one inch of hair and they'll generally match that up to a color ring that they have. After the hair color is matched, then you can proceed to choose a hair system. The disadvantages to this are of course you have to wait to grow out your hair to be an inch then you have to actually send the hair to the place then you have to go through that whole process so you're looking at a significant portion of time before you even place your order however the pros are this you get someone who is trained to match up colors and to do it right. That's super valuable.

Another option is the most effective and quickest way to get your hair color matched. You can actually buy a color ring from a hair system distributor that will show you all the colors that they offer.

LaVivid Men's Hair System Color Ring includes all our 63 exclusive shades. All colors on our Men's Hair System Color Ring are Remy human hair, with the exception of gray hair mixed colors, in which the gray hair is synthetic and also synthetic on our hair systems. For instance, a hair system in the shade 1B20 is a gray hair mix. The 1B refers to the color Off Black which will be Remy human hair, and the 20 refers to 20% gray hair which will be synthetic hair.

Here at LaVivid, for gray percentage higher than 40%, the gray hair is human hair. For example, 1B50 color refers to Off black with 50% gray. The 50% gray hair is human hair.

You can purchase our color ring to get your hair color matched. Then you can return the color ring back to us, and the money can be transferred to the hair system you want to purchase.

Match Your Hair Color All Over Again if Switch Companies

Different companies have their own color rings. So for a single hair color, e.g. #7, the hair system color from different companies can be hugely different. So if you decide to switch hair distributors, you will have to start all over again for the color matching process.



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