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The Introduce of Super Thin Skin Toupee

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If you are not new to the hair toupees for men, you would probably know that three types of base materials are used them mainly: Skin, Lace, Mono. Then there is a base which is a combination of all of them. Each element has different properties and provides different sets of pros and cons. Men choose their hair base by analyzing the pros and making sure the cons are bearable for them. So as various kinds of skin bases are designed for different types of use, scalp, and skin type different regions around the world can have different preferences. Still, super thin skin toupee is said to be the best-seller globally. Want to know why? Let's find out.

The Most Natural Look.

When we are talking about the factors which make a hair toupee wanted around the world would be the first factor which affects the consumer the most. It is evident that men are overcoming their baldness or hair loss, so they do not want people to see or know that they are bald. The super-thin skin toupee gives men the ultimate real look with the base so thin, skin-like, and invisible that there is just no way it can be detected. Even though they are a bit on the pricier side, men prefer getting the natural look ignoring the price point. As a result, it provides speaks for itself, and it is worth the result men see on their heads. Years of insecurities about their hair vanishing in a seconds after getting it installed and experiencing the change.

Extreme Thin Skin Base.

The super-thin skin base is designed with the ultra-thin material known as Polyurethane. The thinness of this material justifies it being lightweight and a very light feel. Due to its light, invisible and fragile nature, it is the best option for a skin-like base, and it looks like skin as well. When this super-thin hair toupee is applied on your scalp', if you part the hair, it seems like your own skin showing in between the hair. These super thin skin toupee also have a very defined hairline, so you do not need to worry about your hairpiece getting recognized if anyone is standing close to you. The feeling you get when people compliment you for your hair looking on point, and you know that your money has been invested in the right place is just something else.

Say no to Knots.

Usually, hair bases use a knotted system for ventilation but in the Super thin Skin base of toupees uses the V-looped ventilation method. As ventilation is essential in any hair toupee bases, this method of ventilation is latest and smart, which uses no knotting technique. Too complicated? Let's explain it in more straightforward terms; the way hair is attached to this type of base looks as it would look on your natural hair growing on your scalp. It gives the most undetectable look even on the hairline, which is the most problematic area in the hair toupees. If you ask any men who use a hair replacement system, they will tell you that hair toupees are a part of everyday life. No one wants to let people know that they are concealing their flaws may it be makeup with women or hair systems with guys. This type of thin skin base is something that gives them such a real looking solution to their hair loss; the super-thin skin toupees are known to the self-esteem saver of many men around the globe. Hence, the price point is a secondary factor based on the satisfaction it provides.

What makes it different?

There are different kinds of super thin skin toupees you can find on the market although each one of them is thin we still have variations of varying thinness. The thinness of these types of skin toupees can go down to 0.03mm. Amazing! Right? But on the side note, the thinner the skin of the toupee is, the more fragile it is alongside providing the entirely unmatched natural look. It all comes down to what you want for yourself. If you can replace your super thin skin toupee easily, you can go for the thinnest one, i.e., 0.03mm if not you can still have options in the same category. You will have to replace them to obviously, but they will be a little less delicate to deal with.

The main pros you need to know about this kind of hair wig;

1- The natural look it gives is unbeatable.

2- It gives you the most comfortable look.

3- If you are someone who loves to remove and reapply it, then it might reduce its life span by a lot.

4- Hair quality with these type of bases needs to be high and human hair are recommended with it.

5- These hair systems are easy to take care of as all you need to do is handle them like your own hair.

6- Less Hair glue or adhesive is used in their application, and it stays on for long durations.

7- Gives you the most natural-looking hairline.

If you want to explore more about this type of base and want to get Super thin skin toupee for yourself, then visit, Lavivid Hair on their website Believe us on this kind of hair toupee will make you feel luxurious, fancy, and winning at the hair game at all times.


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