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The Products of Necessary Hair System Application and Removal Products at LaVivid Hair

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When you wear a hair system, it is not as easy as wearing a hat. It requires you care and maintain it and this needs several necessary products to help. It includes scalp cleaning and preparation products, bonding tapes and glues, styling products and removal products. LaVivid Hair has built a formal collaboration with Walker Tape Company and we right now can officially sell Walker products on our website. Today we are going to show you what products are necessary for hair system wearing.

Scalp Cleaning and Preparation

Before you apply the hair system, you need to get your scalp be prepared. Here are a few products that a lot of people use and they work really well.

The very first step is to clean your scalp thoroughly and you can use 99% Alcohol to make sure there isnt any residue on the head. Then it is very important to apply one or two layers of scalp protector since it will create a protective barrier. This will help extend the bonding time and also is very necessary for people who have oily skin or live in hot weather.

The other product is the Positioning spray. After your scalp or the base is applied with glue or tape, it can be super sticky. So if you are not good at applying it yourself, when you apply it in the wrong place, it will be no easy to adjust it. So this is when the Positioning spray came into handy. After the tape is applied or the glue is dry and ready to apply the hair system, you can spray a bit this onto the places there is tape or glue and it gives you about 10-20 seconds to adjust the hair system into the right place.

Bonding Tapes And Glues

Here at LaVivid, we have different kinds of tapes and glues available on our website. You can find us on Google or Bing.

hair system tape and glue

Some people might ask what bonding method is for me. Actually we dont have an idea. Since people have different body chemistry and you need to take experiments of different tapes and glues to see which one works for you the best. Practically, every type of tape or glue works for all the different types of hair systems and you just need to find out which one is for you.

Also before applying tape or glue onto your scalp, please do remember to do allergy test first. You can apply a bit onto the place behind your ear and keep it on for at least 15 minutes to see whether there is any reactions. If no, then it is safe to use.

Styling Products

Not like peoples own hair, the hair of a hair system has lost the natural oil from your scalp. So it is more likely to get dry. So it is necessary to apply a leave-in conditioner all the time. It will keep the hair in good condition. It helps add moisture and detangle if needed.

Hair System Removal

When you remove the hair system, do remember to use lace release. It helps remove the hair system very easily and wont damage the hair system base. Some hair systems have a very delicate base and you dont want to rip it during the removal process.

After the hair system is removed from the head, you can use C-22 solvent to remove the glue residue on your scalp and the hair system base. It is a very popular solvent that a lot of people use.

Following you will see more articles about how to use each of these in the future. Stay tuned.

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