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How to Apply the Hair Loss Treatment Durban?

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The wearing method of hair loss treatment Durban can be divided into 3 types.

A. According to the situation of moderate hair volume.

Step 1: wearing a net hat.

1. Open your hands and fingers to open the net cap;

2. Pull the hair net to the neck and arrange the hair outside the net cap;

3. Adjust one end of the net cap edge to the hairline, hold the other end of the net and pull it up. 

Step 2: fix your hair

4. Lift the hair upward, divide it into two parts, cross it into the net cap, and spread it on the back of the brain;

5. Knot and fix the end of the net cap (Or grasp the two corners of the net cap and fix it with small clips. To enhance the realistic effect, fix the net cap and hair with six small clips at the front, back, left, and right of the top, and pull the edge of the net cap to about 25px above the hairline to expose the temple). 

Step 3: wearing headgear

6. Determine the front and back direction of the hair loss treatment Durban, align the bangs above the forehead, and fasten the spring comb (except for hand-made products);

7. Adjust the triangular "ears" on both sides of the wig to make sure the sides are aligned. 

8. Finally buckle the spring comb at the bottom of the wig;

9. Adjustment and management. Adjust the wig to the best condition: make sure that the ears are aligned, the front net edge is aligned with the forehead hairline, and make sure that the wig completely fits the head without the feeling of tightening and loosening.


B. Given the situation that the hair quantity is small and the hair color is close to the wig color

1. Fold up the bangs and fix them with a card;

2. The bangs of the wig are facing forward, the thumb and ring finger are pinched well, and the elastic band is fixed with the index finger and middle finger, put on the wig from front to back;

3. Adjust your wig to the best condition; 

4. Take care of your ideal hairstyle with a comb, or tilt the comb to 45 ° Insert the corner into the hair, turn outward to increase the amount of hair and fluffy degree;

5. According to the different characteristics of the products, you can pick out your bangs, hair, and sideburns with a pointed tail comb, make the wig and your hairstyle fully integrated. 

C. Aiming at the situation of more hair quantity and longer hair length

1. Divide your hair into two strands;

2. Braid the braids into two strands;

3. Fix the braided hair on the top of the head with a hairpin;

4. Wear the net cap and tie the knot (the first method of wearing the hair net can be referred to as the first method of wearing the hair cover); 

5. Fasten the spring comb from front to back;

6. Adjust your wig to the best condition;

7. Take care of your ideal hairstyle with a comb, or tilt the comb to 45 ° Insert the corner into the hair and turn it outward to increase the volume and fullness. 

How to clean a human hair wig? 

1. Water preparation: fill the basin with clean water (preferably pure water or cold boiled water, try to avoid tap water), pour in nourishing shampoo, and mix well. 

2. Cleaning: put the dredged wig into the basin, gently press or pat the shampoo cover with your hands, and do not rub it. For the edge position of the inner net cap, gently brush it with a soft brush (such as a soft toothbrush). Finally, rinse along with the direction of the hair. 

3. Nursing: prepare pure water or cold boiled water, pour in the special wig care solution, put the hair cover in the bath for 5-10 minutes, take it out and wrap it with a dry towel, gently press to absorb the moisture (no rubbing). After blowing the bottom of the net to 70% dry with the low-temperature gear of the hairdryer, put it on the bracket, sort out the hair loss treatment Durban by hand, and dry it naturally.


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