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The Introduce of LaVivid Apollo Hair System and A Salon Recommendation

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When everyone on the planet doesnt have a product, our Apollo hair system still has many colors available. So what are the detailed attributes of Apollo and how it looks in person? Today we are going to present to you our Apollo hair system.

Apollo Hair Toupee

Apollo is the strongest and most durable style among mono hair systems. Apollo has 3"x3.5" fine mono in the center and wide poly with gauze in perimeter. The poly skin area measures 2" in the front, 2.5" on the temples, 3.5" on the sides and 4" in the back.

Apollo has 120% medium density and it can be practically styled into any hairstyle you want. 

How Does It Look In Person

This handsome is wearing lavivid Apollo hair system in #18 Dark Beige Blonde color.  It blends in with his own hair color perfectly.

Available hair colors for Apollo

Most of the hair system wearers must be aware that there is a big shortage of hair systems all over the world right now. Many models and colors are out of stock now. Fortunately, our Apollo hair system still has many colors in stock and they are 1B30, 1B40; 210, 220; 3, 310, 340; 410, 420, 440; 510, 520, 540, 550; 7, 720, and 17. If your hair color can be found among these, order soon. Otherwise, they will also be sold out too. Check out lavivid shop now:

Salon Recommendation

Rachel is a great hairstylist and she has many years of experience in haircutting and hair systems. She is an award-winning hair loss specialist.

Rachels salon is based in Beverly, UK. If you are living in this city and looking for a professional hair system fit in service, contact Rachel on Instagram and consult her if any questions.

Anytime when you have any questions about lavivid hair toupees, please feel free to contact us by and our experts will help you through each step.



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