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Do You Want to Get a Custom Hair Replacement System for Yourself?

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So you are tired of dealing with hair loss and wanted to do something about it finally? Found out about the Hair Replacement system, liked it, and want to try it out. Still, you are a bit skeptical about how the stock Hair Replacement Systems as you have zero experience with them, so you wanted something more suited for you, Looked for Custom Hair Replacement Systems to get to know more about them to start using it and getting the most out of it.

So Why should you get yourself a Custom Hair Replacement System?

If you are a perfectionist who loves everything to be precise and accurate, you will like Custom made hairpieces for men. Yes, there is a massive variety of stock hairpieces for men to choose from, but the custom hair replacement system offers you a higher level of personalization and customization.

There are many advantages of going with custom Hair Replacement systems. Firstly, they aid in fixing extensive and permanent hair loss like stock hair systems. Still, they allow you to have the most perfect and skin like grip over your head that will feel like another skin. Talking about skin in these custom hairpieces, you can select your base material and your head's shape. You get various options with each category resulting in being a better, more comfortable, and satisfactory fit for you. Ib these Custom Made Hair Replacement Systems, you even get to decide to match the density of your hair with the hair systems hair for a better and more seamless blend.

In Custom made hair systems, you get the handmade high definition hairline. Furthermore, when you are ordering a custom made Hair Replacement System, it is pre-styled for you. Meaning you don't just get to get a hairpiece that hides all your bald spots and feels like a second layer of skin on your scalp, but you also don't have to go to a professional barber to get it styled, or for a haircut to blend it your natural hair. They come already cut, designed, and mixed by professional hair Replacement Stylists.

With all these advantages, the best factor about these hairpieces is the touch. These hairpieces feel exactly like your real hair, as it is also can be made from 100% natural human hair.

Now it is time for the big question, How to Order a Custom Hair Replacement System for yourself?

You will find your love for the hairpieces when you will first try your Custom made hairpiece on and instantly feel the joy of looking the way you want inside you. The satisfaction of having every detail about your Custom made hair exactly like your real hair, the fit, the shape, the color, the style, everything about it looks perfect on your scalp.

A widespread misconception found in many men that buying custom hair replacement systems are significantly more expensive, but in reality, they are just a bit more pricy than stock hair systems. If you consider the factors like the custom replacement system being pre-styled and cut; you do not have to go to any salon to get it styled, it is saving you time, energy, and effort. So no, who cares if there are no professional salons where you can get your hair system installed if all you have to do is apply them. Another one of the misconceptions or concerns people have is that they might not get the custom hairpiece right to all their specifications as it seems hard to replicate your hair type. Well, good news for customers of high-quality brands like Lavivid Hair as their custom hair replacement system will match your real hair as if it was your hair, if you go for 100% natural human hair, it will exactly feel the same as well!

As for the order guide on how to order your custom hair replacement System from Lavivid Hair;

All it takes are a few easy steps to bring you closer to your dream hair. Go to their website, go to the Custom Toupee, and select Pre-styled Service. Now all you need to do is provide them a template telling them about your bald spots caused due to hair loss, along with that you will need around three clear pictures of your hair from different angles highlighting your bald spots, preferably from the front, back and the sides. They will offer you a range of hairstyles to choose from to get your custom Hair toupee styled precisely like that. The pictures you sent will help our hair experts to make you a hair system precisely like your real hair.

But what if you do not have your Hair System Template?

It is understandable if you think you are going to mess up your custom hair system Template, but we assure you that you have nothing to worry about. Lavivid hair helps you determine your hairline even if you are suffering from severe male pattern baldness. The instructions provided are so easy that even the most immature person can get the hang of it. So After determining where the hairline starts from and till where does it affect your scalp? After that, you will have to collect a few pictures of the hairstyle you want, if you do not choose from their hairstyles. Along with those pictures, a few photos are needed of your hair to understand better your hair type, color, density, and length to blend the hair system in styling and cutting. The front contour shape is the last thing you choose, and you have to email all these details at their email address provided on the same page.

After getting all these details, Lavivid hair designs a hair system based on the exact information you provided them with, which looks undetectable upon you rocking it and resulting in a more confident you. The above is all the information about hair system customization provided by lavivid hair. If you have any questions, please contact




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