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The Guide of DIY Mens Mair Piece Creation

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A diy mens hair piece is one of the alternatives to hair transplantation. While you can buy a wig in a wig store or a beauty salon, you can also make it on your own, which takes some effort and time. Here is a handy guideline on creating a do-it-yourself male toupee to help you fight your baldness. 

Why is wig better than hair transplantation?

We would mention 4 important advantages of a hair system that you might want to consider before choosing the way of fighting your baldness. First of all, a hair system doesn't damage your existing hair. During transplantation, the surgeon removes a bunch of hair from a less visible area on your scalp and injects it in the affected area. As a result, you end up with scars that need time to heal. Secondly, unlike transplant that involves painful scalp scars, wearing a wig doesn't hurt. 

A wig also offers an immediate solution to covering your bald areas, while with transplantation, you have to wait for the injured scalp to recover which can take months. In addition, a hair system allows you to choose from a wide variety of styles, sizes, colors and textures. It is perfect if you want to try a new fashionable hairstyle. In the case of hair grafting, you receive your own hairstyle you have worn all your life. 

Tips for creating a diy mens hair piece 

Choosing the right base

First and foremost, you have to buy a hair package. Try to choose a high-quality human hair, as it looks more natural and is more versatile. Also, tend to buy a lace base material that is compatible with your scalp chemistry and wouldn't cause your scalp to itch. An important step is the construction of the base. You have to place the lace in a way that feels most comfortable for your scalp. 

Attaching the hair to the base

Once you've formed a cap that satisfied your scalp requirements, you have to place it on the mannequin head. Make sure the base covers the entire head. If it doesn't, enlarge it by adding some lace at its edges. As the cap is firmly in place, you can proceed with ventilating the hair into the base. Use a ventilating needle to pull the hair fibers through the base holes and knot them. You can use a variety of techniques of knotting, like: injection, V-looped and split knots. 

Sewing the hair onto the cap is a tedious and time-consuming task, so you have to be ready to spend some days on completing the job. You also have to be attentive to details and have a keen eye to drive the fibers through the tiny mesh holes and then knotting them. 

Hair density

Choosing the right hair density is crucial to ensuring the healthy condition of your scalp. You are free to pick the density that appeals to you more. You can make the wig dense to add volume and style. However, keep in mind that you will have to spend more time on sewing more hair into the base. You can also go with a low-density hair pattern, which takes you less time to sew and will allow the scalp to breathe, making it a perfect option if your scalp sweats much. 

But, you have to be careful, because the less dense the hair is, the weaker it is, and the easier to pull it out. So you have to follow a good balance. A low-density hair may also cause the base to be visible which can lead to an unaesthetic appearance.

Should I choose store wig or diy wig?

While a do-it-yourself male hair system may cost you less - as you pay only for the materials while assuming the creation efforts - buying a wig is still a better choice. Making a wig at home and hand-knotting the hair can take days and it's a really tedious task that can make you stressed. Not to mention the advanced skill you need to have to complete the task successfully since diy mens hair piece is not something everybody can do with their eyes closed. 

In our ur final thoughts section, we would recommend you to keep yourself from diy mens hair piece and go instead with a hand-tied store wig, in case you prefer the hair on the hairpiece to be hand-knotted. While making you pay a little more, it will save a lot of time.


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