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To Wear A Toupee, Where Should I Start As A Beginner?

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After seeing so many awesome hair transformations for people who lose hair and they get their hair back and they look fantastic and you also want to give it a try? But the thing is, where should I start? I know nothing about a hair system! Well, no worries, today I am guiding you step by step how to start your hair transformation journey.

hair system before and after

What is A Hair System?

First, you need to know is what a hair system is. A hair system is also called a half wig that people use to cover the hair loss area. A hair system is constructed with two parts and they are the hair system base and the hair.

Hair System Base

The hair system base decides how it feels and how long it’s gonna last while wearing it. There are only four basic types of base materials and they are: Lace, Skin, Monofilament (Mono) and Silk. All the different bases you see on the market are constructed with one or a combination of these four basic materials.

So what’s the difference between these four materials?

Lace is breathable, so it is for people who work out a lot and sweat a lot. Typically, a lace base hair system can last 4-6 months with the correct care and maintenance.

lace toupee

Skin, aka polyurethane, offers a skintight feel and offers a very natural hairline because it doesn’t have knots at all but it is not so breathable. Different thickness skin provide different lifetime. The thinnest 0.02mm skin can last 2-3 months while a thicker skin of 0.12mm can last at least 6 months.

skin toupee

A mono base is stronger than lace and skin and will certainly last longer. It is not as breathable as lace but more breathable than skin bases. Monofilament base hair systems can last 9-12 months. They can carry medium thick hair like 120% or 130% density. This is suitable for those who are looking for pretty thick and lush hair and also want to save some money considering the long-time investment.

mono toupee 

A silk base creates the most natural and scalp looking hairline. Using a tri-layer system, when the hair is knotted, the knots are made below the silk concealed between the layers, the hair is then injected through the silk material making the knots 100% invisible, giving the illusion that the hair is growing out of your scalp. The only drawback of a silk top base hair system is that the base is thicker and not as breathable.

silk toupee

After knowing the special features of different bases, you will know what base to choose. For beginners, usually people need to try different bases to see which base suits them the best. Once you found the best fit base, you can stick to that base.


Hair Material Used for A Hair System

When it comes to hair, there are a few factors that you need to consider. Hair material, hair density, hair wave or curl, and hair color.

On the toupee market, there are Indian hair, European hair and Synthetic hair available. Indian hair is soft, European hair is very expensive and Synthetic hair is usually used as gray hair to create a salt and pepper color.

About hair density, here at LaVivid, we offer 6 different levels of density varying from ‘Extra Light 50%’ to ‘Heavy 180%’. Extra light is more for people in their 60’s while Heavy is best for people in their 20’s or even younger. You need to choose the appropriate density for your age. Also the hair base material can also affect the density. For example, a very thin skin base of 0.02mm can only carry about 95% hair while a skin base of 0.12mm can carry 130% hair. 


Most of the stock hair system in LaVivid, the hair wave has a 28mm or 30mm rod size which can meet most people’s needs. If you prefer other wave or curl patterns, you always can order a custom made piece.


For the hair color, LaVivid has about 63 colors for the stock hair systems. For the gray colors, the number behind the color# refers to how much percentage of gray hair is blended in. For example, #4 represents dark brown color, while #410 refers to a dark brown color blended with 10% gray hair and #420 refers to dark brown color blended with 20% gray hair. Please also kindly note that the gray hair blended in is synthetic hair.

hair colors


So this is the basic knowledge you need to know before choosing a hair system. After knowing this, you can have a try to pick a hair system for yourself. If this still is not clear enough, no worries, our customer service people will more than happy to guide you picking the right product.


Can I Wear it Directly Out of Box?

If you choose a stock hair system, you cannot wear it directly out of the box because the base size is in default size and all the hair is in the same length. So you need to take it to a nearby salon to get the base cut to your size, the hair system installed on the head and the hair cut and styled to the hairstyle you like. This is the process we recommend for beginners.

However, if you want to wear it out of box, we provide a pre-style service. We can cut the base to your size and cut the hair to the hairstyle you want. To make this happen, we need you to send us your hair template and pictures of your current hair condition and a few pictures of the hairstyle you want. Then our hairstylists here can cut the hair based on your needs. One thing about this pre-style service is that, it might not look as good as you take it to a professional hair system stylist to cut the hair for you, because they can cut the hair with the system on your head and they can blend the system with your existing hair perfectly. But our pre-styled hair system can blend in with your existing hair to 90%.


Any other questions about our hair system and service, please feel free to contact us at and our experts are more than happy to help you out.


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