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The Guide You Should Know When You Travel with A Hair System

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Have you traveled with a hair toupee or do you plan to go on a trip with a hair replacement system? Todays content is presented by Jake Kent, LaVivids spokesperson.

Today we are going to be talking about some of the mindset stuff and some of the things you need to get ready to go on traveling. I've been thinking a lot about traveling with a hair system ever since I first wanted to get a hair system and my initial thoughts were that I was going to have to be constrained to using a hair system.

Self Maintain Your Hair System

If I cannot apply, style, remove or clean my hair system on my own, I have to find someone on my vacation who knows how to cut the hair, how to install the hair and all this kind of stuff. The truth is it is not so easy to find a hair system professional on a vacation. This is the reason why it's so important to take extreme ownership over your hair system. If you are confined to using only alike hair club stylist type person like a place that only does hair system installations and reinstalls and things like this and you don't know how to do any of this stuff yourself, you're going to be confined to where you can find those people. For me, I just didn't want to do that you know because I want to be able to travel basically anywhere in the world and know that I'm going to be able to take care of it myself whether I'm in the rural community or I'm in a city.


Right now guys I'm actually in a very small town in America there are only like 3,000 people in the entire town and I'm staying out on a 40-acre property where there is nobody around like there's maybe one or two cars that passed the property on in all of yesterday and um I obviously feel the need to take care of it myself. There's no one here that knows how to do what we're talking about and that's okay.

So I think that one of the prerequisites of truly traveling and feeling okay with traveling is learning how to do this stuff yourself if you're going to do it for any more than a couple of days really more than seven days you probably should have some kind of grasp on how to do reinstalls maintenance or things like that but like you need to have a fundamental understanding of hair system. So if you're first getting into a hair system, I probably wouldn't push the whole travel game in the envelope right away.

Friends Ask About Your Hair

It's also been really interesting on this trip that I've seen old friends. People that I haven't seen since I was bald that knew I was like thinning really bad. One of my closest friends like someone I've known for 10 years, the first thing he said to me is like dude what did you do to your hair. You look amazing.  You know travel can be full of those experiences especially if you're like traveling to a hometown or somewhere that you kind of grew up. You are going to be ready for that and know what you're going to respond and stick to it. Are you going to say yeah man I'm wearing a hair system? Maybe you do that maybe you don't.

For me, I'm pretty open and transparent about this kind of stuff. I will be very transparent about it because most of the time, people are actually pretty stoked they're like holy crap that looks so natural that looks amazing. I think we all need to travel especially with hair systems and it's the fact that it is scary, it is nerve-racking and it is something that we are afraid of doing makes it necessary to do. Life is all about progress. Life is all about improving our skills improving our relationships improving our situation in life. All these things and being able to travel with a hair system is like hitting the next level in the game.

A lot of times when at the beginning stages of wearing a hair system, its like that you are going through the honeymoon phase. You are feeling really excited and everything is great and then you hit the psychological dip that like ‘oh I have to take care of this thing. It's really hard to take care of this thing like it's impossible and I've got to change my life; oh man I'm having problems with sweating and I don't know like I might have to change my exercise like it's really hot where I live and bond doesn't last long but after you kind of get through a lot of that stuff, there is the kind of hit to be a coast alone. Traveling is like the next level up of confidence and saying like I can handle this thing I can manage this thing and I know exactly how I'm gonna conquer this and live my life to its fullest potential so this is when you are ready to travel with your hair system.  What a wonderful world we live on!


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